STATUES: Release debut album "Together We're Alone" Stunning reviews all round

OUT NOW WORLDWIDE. Exclusive stream available over at www.Rocksound.TV today GMT AM! "Coated menacingly in […]
January 10, 2015

Exclusive stream available over at www.Rocksound.TV today GMT AM!

"Coated menacingly in piercing feedback and angst ridden head-fuckery, STATUES' full length is a spiky erratic glimpse into an unsettled mind."- Rock Sound

The critically acclaimed shining debut album from STATUES (Perth, Western Australia) is out now!

"Together We're Alone", STATUES' debut album, is the culmination of the last five years of writing and performing as a band. Musically, it is relentless, lyrically it is introspective, making comment on social expectations, and how we are brought up to think about life.

"Oh Precious Commodity" music video.

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Mixed by Matthew Templeman and Mastered by Simon Struthers, 'Together We're Alone' is an aggressive, yet honest record, making STATUES stand out as one of the most unique hardcore bands in Australia.

"As the album's hopeful closing refrain "maybe hope's not as far as we thought" sounds out, it's highly likely you'll find yourself reaching for the replay button. 'Together We're Alone' is a liberating, cathartic piece of art, sculpted and honed over time like good whisky and a bad hangover, and a cracking tonic for the new year."- The Monolith 85/100

"'Together We Are Alone' is 12 tracks and just under 38 minutes of punchy, raw, heavy noise. The energy level throughout the album rarely drops for more than a couple of seconds, each song bringing with it a fresh wave of passionate, explosive bellows, shouts, guitar chugs, bass thrums and a chorus of moderately loosened drum skins."- SF Media 80/100

"This could be one of the best this year"- The Music 4.5/5

"This album definitely deserves a listen. There is certainly a lot to shout about and STATUES have managed to reign in the misconceptions of Hardcore music. Massive drums, massive riffs, massive growls"- Devils Gate Media

"STATUES have created a stunningly ferocious album that's powerful from first to last. Together We're Alone has cemented their spot as one of the most chaotic hardcore bands in Australia. This is only the start of STATUES so watch this space."- The Wave 9/10

Lulu Davis
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