SPACE PROBE TAURUS: Share new track 'Dust Joint' via AltSounds

"Space Probe Taurus wrote some of the best riffs and songs early Monster Magnet never […]
April 17, 2015

"Space Probe Taurus wrote some of the best riffs and songs early Monster Magnet never did!" Terrorizer

Later this month, acclaimed hard-hitting acid rockers Space Probe Taurus join forces with fellow psych worshippers Ripple Music to release their latest foray into the world of biker-flicks, lysergic rock 'n' roll and feral fuzz.

Originally formed as Snake Machine in 1992 it wasn't until a name change and shortening of their songs in '97 that the band settled into doing what they do best; preaching the gospel of dirty garage rock. Swedish style.

Often compared to Mudhoney, The Stooges, MC5 and Blue Cheer ' the latter of whom SPT paid tribute to with a ripping cut of 'Second Time Around' on Black Widow Records' Blue Explosion ' their music is influenced by late '60s psych rock and low-budget B-movies like Psychomania and Angels From Hell. An obsession that quickly led on to the band contributing music to the 2005 snuff documentary Actress Apocalypse and I Am Vengeance in 2012.

Head on over to AltSounds now to hear the exclusive track 'Dust Joint' taken from Mondo Satan, released worldwide via Ripple Music on 28th April 2015 -

Track Listing:

1. Scorpio Queen (3:09)
2. Kill City Death Cult (2:59)
3. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker (4:17)
4. Make Me Bleed (3:28)
5. Galaxy Travelin' Blues (4:35)
6. Superfuzzed (3:02)
7. Mondo Satan (3:22)
8. Dust Joint (3:48)
9. The Iguana (2:43)
10. The Righteous One (5:44)

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Release Date: 28th April 2015


Sheltered Life
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