SOULBOUND: Release Video Clips & First Single "Welcome To The Dawn"

With "Welcome To The Dawn" Soulbound have released the first single of their upcoming album"Myllennium" […]
December 24, 2015

With "Welcome To The Dawn" Soulbound have released the first single of their upcoming album"Myllennium" which will hit the stores in Febuary 2016. The corresponding video already premiered on Metal Hammer Germany on December 16th.

"Welcome To The Dawn" is now available as instant gratification track at iTunes. The pre-order for the album has started:

On February 19th Soulbound's new album "Myllennium" will see the light of day. For the video of the first single"Welcome To The Dawn" the band engaged in a rather unconventional collaboration with the documentary filmmakers and friends the Weinert Brothers.

YouTube - Welcome To The Dawn:

Narrow alleys, shabby houses, noisy and crowded streets full people and animals. There may be several slum-like colonies in Delhi, but there is something special, something almost magical about the colony the new video plunges into. It is the Kathputli Colony in West Delhi, the largest community of street performer in the world. Kathputli is the Hindu language word for puppet.
Founded by roving puppeteers from Rajasthan on a plain field in 1950, it is now home for about 20.000 people, 2.800 families of puppeteers, magicians, fire eaters, musicians, snake charmers, acrobats and other artists.
The colony is not a paradise to live in, since living conditions are not the best but it's a place build up on their culture giving them the chance to act out their artistry and make a living out of it. Everyone looking for a performer or musicians knows where to find them. The colony attracted many interested people, journalist reported about it and it was celebrated in Salman Rushdie's novel ‚Midnight's Children' as "magicians' ghetto". But after 60 years of existence the colony is at threat. The Delhi Development Authority wants to resettle the residents and to tear down the colony for a redevelopment with apartment blocks which would mean the end of the community.

With this video Soulbound and the Weinert Brothers want to raise awareness for this this magical place and its imminent destruction as well as to provide an insight into this cultural space.


Line Up Is:

Johnny Stecker - Vocals
Felix Klemisch - Guitars
Patrick Winzler - Guitars
Jonas Langer - Bass
Mario Krause - Drums


Myllennium (2016)
Blind Progress EP (2014)

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