SORROW PLAGUES: 'Homecoming' Album Out Now Plus Release New Single 'Departure'

Sorrow Plagues sophomore album 'Homecoming' is out now and available from iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and […]
June 2, 2017

Sorrow Plagues sophomore album 'Homecoming' is out now and available from iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and more, it was released self-released on May 27th. To support the release of the new album they have unleashed their second single 'Departure'.

Sorrow Plagues is the Brainchild of British musician David Lovejoy. The album ventures into new territory with added elements of post-rock, and even including some contemporary influences, whilst still maintaining the atmospheric Black Metal sounds that Sorrow Plagues is known for. This is certainly David Lovejoy's most ambitious effort so far.

Lovejoy talks about the meaning of the new single "Departure": "The second single "Departure" is about the journey of self-actualization and leaving behind the things that are holding you back in life. I also took a bit more of a different direction musically with this one, there are elements of pop in there and I experimented with some new guitar sounds."

Check out the new song "Departure" below:

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The project began in late August of 2014 with the release of "It Will Never End", where Lovejoy composed, performed and produced the entirety of the music on the release. With this project, Lovejoy has since gone on to release a further two EPs, two singles and a full-length album.

Sorrow Plagues combines the aggression of Black Metal with the ethereal soundscapes of Shoegaze andPost-Rock-esque climaxes to deliver a cathartic experience. Listeners have described a wide spectrum of experiences delivered by the music with some stating that it calms the soul right down, to saying that this music is strongly recommended if you like a sombre atmosphere.

This is especially the case when the lyrics explore many different aspects of the human experience, including death, loneliness and regret. Then finding strength and resolution through these difficult situations.

Tracklist for "Homecoming"

1.) Departure
2.) Disillusioned
3.) Isolated
4.) Irreversible
5.) Relinquish
6.) Homecoming

"A massive adventure from start to finish" - What Would Joe Do?

"Sorrow Plagues creates another recording that remains true to the atmospheric style of black metal from previous releases while also adding in elements of post rock and shoegaze" - Occult Black Metal

" really should treat yourself to some nicely put together, well-recorded, considerate crushing atmospheric black metal.."- FREQ

"Overall summary of the album, it's a great produced album with brain crushing Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal mixed with haunting Post-Rock. It's great to see an independent artist put something together so well done and creative."- Broken Arrow

"Homecoming" is out now and available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and many other digital outlets.

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