SNOW BURIAL: Plan live stream to benefit local food bank

Chicago's SNOW BURIAL have today announced that they will be live streaming an acoustic performance […]
March 23, 2020

Chicago's SNOW BURIAL have today announced that they will be live streaming an acoustic performance this week, via the Prosthetic Records YouTube channel. The stream will take place on Thursday, 26 March at 8 EDT/ 7 CDT/ 5 PDT. The band will be accepting donations throughout the performance, and will be sending all money raised to The Greater Chicago Food Depository.

SNOW BURIAL's Ben Bowman comments:
"Like pretty much everyone involved in the music industry we have shifted rapidly from being extremely bummed about cancelling our tour to wondering what we could do to help. Doing a livestream and donating all the proceeds to a local food bank seems like one of the best ways that we can do that. Well, Brandon is actually providing the true best help - he's a physician's assistant, treating patients through this pandemic. I can just play guitar and sing a bit.

"It's not the same as touring (at all) but I am very excited to have an excuse to experiment with our songs and play for folks over the internet. I'll be playing acoustic-ish versions of each song on Ostrava (I'm physically incapable of not using a delay pedal) with some commentary on the songs and the chance to chat with everyone live. I'm stoked to take a new approach on the tunes, and, frankly, to have something to look forward to. All of Illinois is under a shelter-at-home order and it's easy to have a very hard time through this. Having some fun in a way that can help those in real need is exciting."

SNOW BURIAL were due to play shows with labelmates, HUNTSMEN, this month, but were forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This past weekend, HUNTSMEN live streamed a full performance on Prosthetic Records' YouTube. WATCH HERE.

SNOW BURIAL released their debut for the label, titled Ostrava, last year. The album is available to purchase HERE. The band also features on Prosthetic's brand new label sampler along with 55 other bands - CLICK HERE.

Prosthetic Records / Pioneer Music Press
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