SNIPERS OF BABEL: New Single "25th Parallel."

The Tower of Babylon was a symbol of power within a corrupt Society of their […]
June 11, 2018

The Tower of Babylon was a symbol of power within a corrupt Society of their time much like it is now with big brother being the Tower of Babylon with the Snipers bringing the truth.

Snipers of Babel is a metal/industrial super group hailing from Washington, DC. Layla Singer leads the soaring clean vocals, with the infamous Kevin Talley (Devildriver, Suffocation, Chimaira and Dying Fetus) on drums. Snipers of Babel's break out single 'Redemption' is on digital and terrestrial radio around the globe.

Drawing influences from all genres of metal, inspiration from all things beautiful and ugly, and using five vocalists, this is what it sounds like to have no boundaries. The harmonious blend of five vocalists including Mark Lorenzo, Tommy Mott and Chris Yuastella from Summer's End, Abominog and Serpents of Secrecy, fuses instrumental and vocal sounds never heard before.

Recently releasing their new album, 'Redemption". Mike Bossier (guitars, keyboards, samples) explains a little about the album. "It's going to have Vincent Castiglia's artwork on the cover. If people don't know who he already is, although I'm sure they will soon. He's a world-renowned blood artist who's going to be featured on Showtime sometime in March I believe. He's inspired by HR Gieger, one of my all-time favorite artists. It's almost like a dream come true having his work on our cover. Our logo was designed by Art Hamer, another incredible artist who I've known many, many years and it's awesome to have his band logo. This whole process has been very, very calculated with every move we've done so far. Hopefully we can keep doing it that way. I hope people will see it in the music and the layout of everything and enjoy it as much as we do!"

Snipers of Babel YouTube link:

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Snipers of Babel is:

Mike Bossier ' Guitar
Chris Hicks ' Bass
Kevin Talley ' Drums
Mark Lorenzo ' Vocals
Jeremy Dyer ' Vocals
Tommy Mott ' Vocals
Chris Yuastella ' Vocals
Layla Singer ' Vocals

Management : Gigi Ghibon-Elhenawy / Curtain Call Records

Curtain Call Label Group
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