SNAKE TONGUE: Releases new video and finishes Mexican tour

Snake Tongue just released their new video for 'The Horror'. The track is taken from […]
May 12, 2018

Snake Tongue just released their new video for 'The Horror'. The track is taken from their debut album 'Raptors Breath' and the video was premiered through Idioteq. The band just finished of their first Mexican tour and are bound for more upcoming live dates.

Watch the video here:

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"We got offered to play the Internacional Punkytud festival outside Mexico City, and just couldn't resist to do it. So we got some help from our good friend Miguel 'Thrasher' from Massacre68 (etc) who set up three additional shows in CDMX. We are really looking forward to play with his other bands, we did a tour together with Massacre68 last summer in Sweden and now we will play with A//toxxxico, AK-47, Cacofonia and Chtulhu. This is a great example of the international cooperation and friendship within the punk/hardcore/metal-scene." - Patrik, Snake Tongue

"When we shot the video we were writing a lot of new songs. So in december/january we entered the studio together with Angst Norder from Witchery and Nekrokraft to record a 4 track EP that will be released later in 2018. We as a band are really excited to get out some new stuff. These new songs represents where we are going musically and Angst Norder really helped us find our sound in the studio. The plan is to keep working with Norder for our new album aswell." - Patrik, Snake Tongue

Snake Tongue is set to release their new four track EP later in 2018. The EP is recorded at Studio Ganymeden by Angst Norder (Witchery / Nekrokraft).


News reported by:Jean-François "Thrashing Assault" Briard


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