SKUGGSÁ: Announce London show as Norse invaders

SKUGGSJÁ, the thrilling and tempestuous collaboration between Wardruna and Enslaved and latest addition to the […]
October 1, 2015

SKUGGSJÁ, the thrilling and tempestuous collaboration between Wardruna and Enslaved and latest addition to the Season of Mist roster are coming to London next March as part of a unique three-day series of events called "London By Norse", partnered by Metal Hammer and in association with Old Empire promotions.

"London By Norse" is the brainchild of By Norse, a celebration of Norwegian music and culture founded by Einar Selvik (Fimbuljod Productions, WARDRUNA), Ivar Bjørnson (Peerson Productions, ENSLAVED), and Simon Füllemann (All Access Agency).

The event will take place on March 17-20 across various venues in the English capital. Its centrepiece at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on March 19 will be the third ever performance of SKUGGSJÁ featuring the same named composition by Einar Selvik and Ivar Bjørnson. This will coincide with the album release via Season Of Mist around that date.

Package deals as well a single tickets for this unmissable event are available from:

The SKUGGSJÁ performance will be flanked by other major events.

ENSLAVED will present "Enslaved 25", three special shows by the Bergen five-piece to commemorate a quarter-century's worth of cultural and spiritual invocations and ever-expanding musical horizons. The first show of "Enslaved 25" will be at the Dome on March 17, with support acts to be announced, and their journey will continue the following night at the Underworld, before culminating the night after that at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. As well as the SKUGGSJÁ concert, that night will also feature WARDRUNA's second ever appearance in the UK and a rare art exhibition by former GORGOROTH and GOD SEED vocalist Gaahl.

On March 18, The Forge in Camden will see ENSLAVED's Ivar presenting his immersive electro-ambient project BARDSPEC, while Einar Selvik will demonstrate his workshop, a spellbinding solo performance and wide-ranging talk that takes in the philosophy of WARDRUNA, the background to the ancient instruments he uses, and on the historical background to SKUGGSJÁ. More events are planned for March 20, so watch this space for further announcements!

Season of Mist yesterday announced the signing of SKUGGSJÁ. The Norwegian band consisting of members from ENSLAVED and WARDRUNA represents another gem in the label's treasure chest. These acclaimed musical masterminds will release their debut album early 2016.

SKUGGSJÁ commented: "When we were asked to write a joined convert piece by the Eidsivablot festival for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, we both immediately saw the outline of something massive and important. Our performance confirmed that this project should live on, develop and thrive. During 2015 we have performed the piece once more at the Roadburn festival, and have also discreetly slipped in and out of studios around Norway to record what is to become our debut album. We are extremely proud of what we will present on this album; and are delighted to be working with the professionals at Season of Mist. It has been quite a journey already for the two of us, but this where it really begins. We have created something that is bigger than its individual parts. Now we are excited to see what the world make out of our creation! All things good, Ivar & Einar"

SKUGGSJÁ was conceived as a commissioned musical work written by Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik. The arrangement was performed by ENSLAVED and WARDRUNA as a concert piece in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution at the Eidsivablot festival in Eidsvoll, Norway on September 13th, 2014.

Shortly after this premiere, SKUGGSJÁ was announced as one of the headliners of the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival 2015.

The growing desire to present SKUGGSJÁ to a broader audience has ultimately led Bjørnson and Selvik to record their work in its entirety. The album will be released early 2016. Details regarding this debut release will follow soon.

SKUGGSJÁ translates into 'mirror' or 'reflection' in the Norse language. This composition not only contextualises the role of extreme music in Norway's democracy in the year 2014, but also joins threads from the country's ancient musical history and solidifies the position of metal as Norway`s most important cultural export.

By highlighting ideas, traditions and instruments of their Norse past, SKUGGSJÁ tells the history of Norway and reflects relevant aspects from the past into the present day. In light of they reflect on themselves as a people and nation. In a magnificent tapestry of metal instrumentation, a wide variety of Norway's and Scandinavia's oldest instruments as well as poetry in Norse and Norwegian, SKUGGSJÁ is a fusion between past and present, both lyrically and musically.

Ivar Bjørnson: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Einar Selvik: vocals, taglharpa, Kravik-lyre, goat-horn, birch-bark lure, bone-flute, percussion, electronics

Contributing musicians
Grutle Kjellson: vocals
Lindy-Fay Hella: vocals
Eilif Gundersen: birch bark lure
Olav L. Mjelva: Harding fiddle
Cato Bekkevold: drums

Season of Mist
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