A few great things have happened for Silence The Aria since I last wrote you! […]
August 19, 2014

A few great things have happened for Silence The Aria since I last wrote you! The new album
Act II: The Contagion Threshold has been officially launched! If you've enjoyed the music thus
far, you'll definitely want to hear the new atmosphere on this one. Expect a much more intense

There is also a new member of the team, Meghan Alvis! Meghan was kind enough to lend her
voice and experience to this album and take it a level I never expected. She lends a very sweet,
soft tone and has truly evolved the way in which I write. She's been involved in music for quite
some time but this is her first involvement with this mood of music. Have a gander at a snippet
from our track "Dream of the Achitect":

Thanks for taking a moment to taste the new sounds! You can download the album from any
of your favorite music sites, (itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc).

Physical CD's are available at Bandcamp for those who like to touch things. They include
beautiful artwork and a neat sticking devise:

What's next? With the support of all the great musicians and fans, Silence The Aria will be
aiming to bring this beast out of the studio and materialize in live physical form! Of course strong
focus will be applied to growing the music through future releases, but I can't think of anything more
rewarding than being able to satisfy listeners with a live performance as well!

Take care everyone, be well, and turn it up,

Silence The Aria
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