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Central California's progressive atmospheric death metallers, Sidian, have partnered up with RebelPyro Management and are […]
By Zarto
March 26, 2012

Central California's progressive atmospheric death metallers, Sidian, have partnered up with RebelPyro Management and are preparing to take things to the next level as they work on writing their as yet untitled forthcoming debut full length. After releasing 4 tracks over the course of the last year ('Yersinia Pestis,' 'Tombs', 'Anamorphosis' and a rough mix of 'Where the Sun is Silent') to give fans an idea of what to expect, the band hit Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA to work with Zack Ohren on a brand new track entitled 'Eternal Bloom of Lamenting Dawn.' The new track, which is being exclusively debuted this weekend at, is the first to feature new drummer Alex Bent (Arkaik, Hatriot) and showcases a marked progression in the band's songwriting abilities.

Guitarist Wyatt Sharp had the following to say about the new song, "This new song is a culmination of all of our musical abilities working together at their finest. After putting together a demo, we felt the need to solidify our sound as a band. This new single we are putting out is only a preview of what to expect on our full length. However, it also speaks for our overall attempt to obtain our final sound. So we hope it pleasantly surprises our fans with faster paced, more chaotic, emotional riffs, extremely detailed drums, timing and tempo changes, and outstanding bass lines all compiled under Antonio's extremely unique vocal style complimented by the contrasting vocals from yours truly. We feel as if this new material isn't just music. We put as much of our emotions and thoughts as possible into it while attempting to maintain a natural sound and feel. Zack from Castle Ultimate helped us out a ton with that aspect. Overall we are extremely happy and we hope our listeners are as well. It still gives us chills to hear all of our music brought out with such clarity, and the final product even convinced drummer Alex Bent (Arkaik, Hatriot) to move from his fill in position to a permanent spot in our line up. We hope it finally let's people know (if they already didn't) that we aren't messing around. We hope you enjoy this new track as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it!"

2 of the previously released tracks, 'Anamorphosis' and 'Tombs,' are also streaming, and fans can find out more about the band's upcoming shows and writing/recording updates, as well as stream the remaining 2 tracks via Sidian's Official Facebook page at

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