SHORT SIGHTED: Debut Single from Stand Alone

Energized with emotional and heartfelt lyrics, with the beasts of metal and hardcore combined, the […]
September 29, 2015

Energized with emotional and heartfelt lyrics, with the beasts of metal and hardcore combined, the new single from newcomers Stand Alone is a real belter and one to take notice of.

Keen to produce a unique sound, taking influences from all genres of music stretching from the angst and energy of hardcore too poet indie lyrics, Short Sighted is a prime example of what is to come from the 5-piece London band. Using music as a release to talk about past experience and to reflect, Short Sighted talks about broken homes, using the video to tell a story of a day in the life of a young dead beat dad, who because of his selfish attitude and approach to life forgets to pick up his child on his day of custody.

Short Sighted is the debut single from the Londoners, and the first single from their self-titled EP, Stand Alone, Buy short sighted from iTunes now.

Watch the official music for, Short Sighted,

Stand Alone is the lifeblood of former strangers. Five guys, born to three countries with over fifty years of collective experience, finding a unified heart in the love of live music. With the average age of twenty-nine and growing up with tradition hardcore; through the birth of post-hardcore in to current day, the gift of great music has been given to them to draw experience from. Now with modern recording equipment at their feet and inspiration at their fingertips, they are able to put their own unique sound on to the industry, allowing each member to have full creative control and bring in their own influences to create an eclectic stem of music.

At it's core Stand Alone aims to bring heartfelt and passionate songs, no showboating or bullshit; Just simple songs from the soul of five former strangers.

For fans of Alexisonfire, Defeater, Poison The Well and Comeback Kid.

Artistic Ego
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