SHED THE SKIN: Set Release Date For Debut Album Via Hells Headbangers | Reveals New First Track

Today,Hells HeadbangerssetsJune 24thas the international release date forShed the Skin'shighly anticipated debut album,Harrowing Faith. Late […]
April 6, 2016

Today,Hells HeadbangerssetsJune 24thas the international release date forShed the Skin'shighly anticipated debut album,Harrowing Faith. Late in 2014,Hells Headbangersreleased the quintet's first recording, theRebirth Through Brimstone7", and the buzz built about this "new" American death metal band. ButShed the Skin, in fact, include a number of considerable scene veterans: among them, Kyle Severn ofIncantationon drums, Matt Sorg of Ringworm on guitars, Ash Thomas ofVladimirsand Faithxtractor on vocals, and Ed Stephens from Vindicator on bass.

With all that combined experience, it's no surprise thatHarrowing Faithis as massive as it is. Just likeRebirth Through Brimstone, the more fully fleshed-outHarrowing Faithis 100% DEATH METAL but does not bow to any one era, "school," or region: simply, this is masterful songwriting coupled with utterly crushing production, all while proudly being "just" death metal. Granted, there's a fine number of balances across the album - melodic vs. gutted, blastbeaten vs. doomed-out, headbanging vs. skullcrushing - but everything is done in service of the song. Each one explodes from the speakers and twists 'n' turns in ways unique to it, with all 12 tracks combining to create a swift but immediately memorable experience.

And now with the band slated to play this year'sHells Headbash Part 3and more live assaults on the way,Shed the Skinare poised to exert their dominance on the death metal scene: no better time, then, to indoctrinate toHarrowing Faith! Begin that indoctrination with the track "Putrid and Pious" exclusivelyHEREatHells Headbangers' Bandcamp, whereHarrowing Faithcan also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

"Shed the Skin" Track Listing:

1. Plasmic Flames
2. Daimonic Adytum
3. Harrowing Faith
4. Putrid and Pious
5. Unbound Revenant
6. Warband Under the Baphomet
8. Alpha and Omega
9. Cambion
10. Inhuman Accretion
11. Innermost Sanctuary
12. Execration Divine

Shed the Skinare a Satanic old-school death metal band created by the minds of Kyle Severn (drummer from death metal legendsIncantation, Acheron) and Matt Sorg (guitarist for Ringworm, Blood of Christ). These two disciples decided to createShed the Skinafter playing together recently in a tribute to the old-school Cleveland band Blood of Christ at a memorial show for their friend Tom Rojack, who passed away in 1997, never forgetting his amazing talent and the musicianship he contributed to the Satanic metal of the early '90s. Matt was fortunate to have joined Blood of Christ after the 1991 demo and contributed to the band's recordings and live shows for the duration of its existence, including the four-songPromo 1993EP featuring the track "Shed the Skin."

After the success of that tribute show to the late Tom Rojack, the members felt very comfortable together. Matt and Kyle decided to continue the Blood of Christ style of Satanic brutality and recruited Blood of Christ tribute members Duane Morris (Embalmer, Decrepit, Kurnugia) and Ed Stephens (Civil Disobedience, Ringworm, and Beyond Fear) to join their new creation. Due to scheduling conflicts, Duane would not be able to add his sick vocals to the project. So taking command over vocal duty would be veteran death metal singer Ash Thomas (Vladimirs, Estuary, Faithxtractor), who is no stranger to this style of death metal and has been a longtime friend and fan of Blood of Christ, as well. Brian Boston (From the Depths) was also recruited for his eerie, Satanic keyboard accents and intros.

With the lineup secured,Shed the Skinrecorded two new tracks in Cleveland at Bad Back Studios with Dave Johnson engineering and had them mixed by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound studios. EntitledRebirth Through Brimstone, the two-song 7" EP was released by none other than fellow Cleveland institutionHells Headbangers.

With the 7" EP excitement from both band and fans still fresh, Matt and Kyle immediately starting working on new material, creating 10 brand-new songs and choosing to record an old Blood Of Christ track that Matt originally helped Tom create and which was lost till now. Together, it becameShed the Skin's debut album,Harrowing Faith, holding the same aggressive death metal style as the 7" - and as in 1990, all over again!

Supported by an intro created by Brian Boston and the help of Chuck Sherwood again writing lyrics,Harrowing Faithsees Ash Thomas belting vokills and crushing solos, the mighty Ed Stephens on bass, and lastly, Matt blazing out rhythm and leads that that old metal feeling! The whole album was tracked in Ohio and was again mixed/mastered by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound Studios, Sweden. The cover artwork was created James "Human Furnace" Bulloch of Ringworm fame, who has outdone himself with a black & white Satanic masterpiece that puts him up there with the greatest of greats!

Shed the Skinare currently planning to bring their blasphemic creations to the stage, while honoring their past by playing Blood of Christ material in their live set. The band are also currently available for interviews and can be contacted via their Facebook page.

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