SHARP/SHOCK: New Album Youth Club

May 22, 2018 SHARP/SHOCK's name could not be more wildly accurate when it comes to […]
May 23, 2018

May 22, 2018

SHARP/SHOCK's name could not be more wildly accurate when it comes to describing the trio's explosive, melody driven sound-just let their sophomore LP put any speculation to rest. The punk power trio-comprised of Davey Warsop (BEAT UNION, SUEDEHEAD), Dan Smith (THE DEAR & DEPARTED; world-renowned tattoo artist) and Jared Shavelson (THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, PAINT IT BLACK)-is pleased to announce the premiere of their second album Youth Club. Read an interview in which Smith discusses his craft as a tattooer and stream the LP in full via Tattoodo here or directly via YouTube here:

"For me, Youth Club is a pure and honest representation of us as people and players,"Smith says of the album's significance. "It's another step further for SHARP/SHOCK and pushes the boundaries slightly, without straying from what we do. There are a couple more aggressive songs like 'Bad Lad' and 'Steps,' but I love that it's balanced out by songs like 'Dancing All Night' and 'Walking A Thin Line.' Lyrically, songs like 'Just Can't Get My Head Around It' and 'Nuclear Family' are my favorites-just real life issues that will hopefully get people thinking."

Brought together by serendipity and bound by a mutual reverence for British subculture, SHARP/SHOCK is a band whose roots, while geographically disparate, run deep in the same soil. Singer-guitarist Davey Warsop and bassist-vocalist Dan Smith are both UK exports but didn't cross paths until they were both transplanted to California. Jared Shavelson, a jazz-trained drummer hailing from Jersey, would round out the trio perfectly.

From the fiercely cogent lyrics of "I Don't Want A Nuclear Family," to the brazen honesty of "Bad Lad," the tracks featured on Youth Club combine classic American punk pillars with a nostalgia-driven approach and British lip. With Davey Warsop doubling down as the album's producer (he has previously served behind the board for GREEN DAY, FOO FIGHTERS, BAD RELIGION, and more), SHARP/SHOCK's sound is more fully realized than ever before.

Youth Club will be released on May 25 via Matt Skiba's Heart & Skull Records-preorders are available here:

Catch SHARP/SHOCK on the road with AGAINST ME! and Chris Farren starting today:

1. Real Life
2. Superficial
3. Dancing All Night
4. Bad Lad
5. Thingy pt. 1
6. I Don't Want A Nuclear Family
7. Dead End Town
8. The Reds
9. I Just Can't Get My Head Around It
10. Thingy pt. 2
11. Steps
12. Walking A Thin Line


May 27 @ Orpheum Theatre (Flagstaff, AZ)

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