SHADOWFLAG: Unveil the darkness of The Delusion Machine

The dark poets of Shadowflag have chosen to work with Imperative PR on the release […]
May 17, 2017

The dark poets of Shadowflag have chosen to work with Imperative PR on the release of their latest album, The Delusion Machine, which will be released on June 23rd. Shadowflag have set themselves apart from other bands operating in the black metal genre by adding a depth and intelligence to their work, along with a captivating otherworldly atmosphere. When Shadowflag play there is a sense of secrets shared and mysteries unveiled, of an invitation to darker worlds extended!

The band entwine their music with poetry and narrative, creating a fusion of words and sound that becomes a whole greater than its individual parts. They weave cold spells that reach out into the worlds of thrash, doom and traditional metal, siphoning off the essence of their prey like sonic vampires, transfusing the desired elements into the dark blood of their creations. The results are mesmerising; songs of pure twilight shadow, terrifying but irresistible.

Shadowflag really established their sound with second album, The White Grave, released in 2015, a work inspired by the stories told by the abandoned and forgotten street children of the world. It refined the band's matchless blend of blackened metal, poetry and enthralling soundscapes and lead to the dark wonders of The Delusion Machine. Built upon the premise that humanity's existence is essentially, terrifyingly empty and without purpose The Delusion Machine is Shadowflag's greatest achievement to date. Recorded at Hellfire Studios with the assistance of Ajeet Gill (Memoriam, Hellbastard, Sacrilege etc), this third album sees the Shadowflag entity becoming something more frightening and yet more enticing and entrancing than ever before. Driven forward with added intensity by the rhythmic power of Anaal Nathrakh's live drummer, Anil Carrier, songs like the bleakly brilliant 'The Brutality' reach incredible artistic heights.

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Of course, there are always bold claims made when a band releases their latest album, but when you're lost in the desperate darkness of 'The Inevitability', or tasting the distillation of nightmares 'Within The Blood Dream' you'll understand that Shadowflag have become something very special indeed. Darker than the night sky, Shadowflag are building a celestial kingdom of their own within the black metal firmament.

Let Shadowflag be your guides through the realms of twilight shadows and nothing will ever seem quite the same again.

Imperative PR
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