SHADOW SOCIETY: Signs with Loud Rage Music

Loud Rage Musicis proud to announce the addition of a new band in its roster: […]
March 12, 2014

Loud Rage Musicis proud to announce the addition of a new band in its roster: Tampa Bay, Florida based Symphonic Extreme Metal actSHADOW SOCIETYfeaturing members ofDeicide,Circle II CircleandOrder of Ennead!

The band self-released an excellent debut EP,"Into the Unknown", in 2013, and are now working on completing the tracklist for their upcoming debut album due to be out onLoud Rage Musiclater this year.

Here's what the two parts had to say about this new agreement:

"We are very excited to be working withAdrianandLoud Rage Music. When he approached the band and asked what we were looking for I responded with "A label that appreciates our music and enjoys it, as well as wants to help take us to the next level". We found those qualities inLoud Rage Musicand are looking forward towards the next chapter for all of us! Plus, the label is based in Transylvania, can you get any more dark and metal than that?"Rob Thoth(Shadow Societyvocal and founding member)

"We are very pleased to work with and for such a promising band asShadow Society. Tampa Bay, Florida gave the World some of the most influential names in Death Metal, it's time for a new name to emerge from those gifted lands, andShadow Societyis that name. Judging by their impressive debut EP,"Into the Unknown", I have no doubts the band will deliver an Earth-shattering full-length album, so keep your eyes onLoud Rage MusicandShadow Societyfor this album's developing story!"Adrian(Loud Rage Musicowner)

Band Bio:

Shadow Society, featuring members ofDeicide,Circle II CircleandOrder of Ennead, was formed in 2011 byAsgrim(Immanifest, Royal Anguish, ex-Council of the Fallen) andRob Thoth(Immanifest) with a very simple idea: No Drama, No Filler Riffs and No Compromise. In essence,Shadow Societywas forged to make music that they wanted to hear. Dark, foreboding, atmospheric, melodic and unforgettable are words used to describe the band's music. These ideals, together with the strength of the music, drew in other like-minded heavyweights in extreme music who wanted to shape these shared ideals and music into something uniquely their own.

First to align with the band wereRoberto "Kadath" Celentano(ex-Royal Anguish) andKevin Quirion(Deicide, Order of Ennead, ex-Council of the Fallen). As long-time friends and gifted musicians, both were natural additions to the growing vision for the band's music. In addition it was a reunion of sorts, asAsgrimhas worked with both of them in past projects.

The rhythm section was the final element necessary for the band to realize their vision. After a lengthy search,Scott Patrickand the extremely talentedAdam Sagan(Circle II Circle, ex-Into Eternity) completed the alignment. Both bring a wealth of talent and experience toShadow Society.

As is the nature of the universe, constantly evolving and changing so doesShadow Society. No two songs sound similar, no lyrical themes are prevalent other than keeping true to their name. Nothing is off topic or taboo. One does not know what lurks or is hidden in the shadows, nor will you know what you will find contained in aShadow Societyopus.

Shortly after the release of"Into the Unknown"in 2013Scott Patricktook leave of the band and receded to the shadows from which he came. From the swirling darkness whichScottbecame one with came a faint illumination. The black flame grew brighter and brought forth the newest member ofShadow Society,Dave Belmonte(Immanifest).Davehas a commanding stage presence as well as elite skills as a guitarist and bassist. He was also a natural fit as he has worked withAsgrimandRob Thothin a previous project.

Their sound is distinct and direct. Brutality, ambiance, harmony, dissonance and darkness collide in perfect chaos as the unique talents of each individual serve the eclectic collective.

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Asgrim' Guitars/Clean Vocals
Rob Thoth' Lead Vocals
Kadath' Keyboards
Kevin Quirion' Guitars/Vocals
Adam Sagan' Drums/Clean Vocals
Dave Belmonte' Bass

Shadow Society

Loud Rage Music

Loud Rage Music
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