SEPULTURA Frontman's MUSICA DIABLO: Debut Album Track Listing Revealed

MUSICA DIABLO - the São Paulo, Brazil-based thrash metal project featuring SEPULTURA singer Derrick Green, […]
By The Beast
April 23, 2010
MUSICA DIABLO - the São Paulo, Brazil-based thrash metal project featuring SEPULTURA singer Derrick Green, guitarist André NM (NITROMINDS), bassist Ricardo Brigas, guitarist André Germani Curci (KORZUS, THREAT) and drummer Edu Nicollini (NITROMINDS) - will release its self-titled debut album on May 28 via SAOL / H'Art / Zebralution. The CD's cover artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes, who has previously worked with ARCH ENEMY, GOD FORBID and OLD MAN'S CHILD.

"Musica Diablo" track listing:

01. Sweet Revenge
02. Sacrifice
03. Live To Buy
04. Underlord
05. Work Out
06. Lifeless
07. In The Name Of Greed
08. Betrayed
09. The Flame Of Anger
10. Twisted Hate
11. The Rack

"Musica Diablo" will be released in South America with different artwork from the version that will be made available in the rest of the world.

Commented André NM: "It was never our intention to create more than one cover for the album, but Gustavo Sazes came with at least four amazing covers and made our choosing process a living hell! Therefore we decided then to have the two covers we liked most to be released simultaneously, as the costs for such effort are big, we came with the idea of giving each continent a different cover."

Added Sazes: ''It was not that easy to mix and blend to the bone modern influences and old-school feelings, but I think we did a really great job on it. It's a really iconic and symbolic cover with some small details that fans will dig into. Red is our main theme here and for sure it reflects the rage and fury within their music. I'm really happy with the results. The beast is really inside those arts."

A song from the CD, "Lifeless", will be launched on iTunes for the unique price of €0.69 featuring a different cover than the album.

A preview of the song is available on the band's MySpace page.

MUSICA DIABLO will embark on a 12-day European tour from May 26 to June 6.

The band last year parted ways with drummer Marcão (AÇÃO DIRETA, DEAD FISH) and replaced him with Nicollini. The group also added a second guitarist in the shape of André Germani Curci.

Artwork for South American market:

Regular artwork:

Source: www.Blabbermouth.Net

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