SEPTICFLESH: Reissue cult classic "A Fallen Temple"

An essential reissue of the SEPTICFLESH classic "A Fallen Temple" (1998) will hit the stores […]
November 23, 2013

An essential reissue of the SEPTICFLESH classic "A Fallen Temple" (1998) will hit the stores on January 17th, 2014. This remastered re-release includes four rare bonus tracks and is adorned with a brand new cover artwork designed by SEPTICFLESH frontman Seth "Siro" Anton. See details below:

1. Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights
2. The Eldest Cosmonaut
3. Marble Smiling Face
4. Underworld Act 1
5. Temple Of The Lost Race
6. The Crypt
7. Setting Of The Two Suns
8. Erebus
9. Underworld Act 2
10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Mix)
11. The Last Time
12. Underworld Act 3
13. Finale
14. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)

"The Last Time" is a PARADISE LOST cover which was previously only available on a long sold-out tribute album to one of the Greek demons' biggest influences, and the last three bonus tracks come from the 1998 "The Eldest Cosmonaut" EP.

"A Fallen Temple" will be available on Digipak CD, silver double LP limited to 125 copies, clear double LP limited to 200 copies, and regular black double LP. All formats can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist's e-shop!

On further news SEPTICFLESH entered Devasoundz Studios in Athens last month, in order to record their ninth album, the follow-up to 2011's highly-acclaimed "The Great Mass". This forthcoming opus, which titled is yet to be unveiled, should be out before summer 2014. The band will once more use the amazing musical skills of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recording line-up
Spiros "Seth" Antoniou: bass, vocals (harsh)
Sotiris Vayenas: guitars, vocals (clear), keyboards
Christos Antoniou: guitars, keyboards
Natalie Rassoulis: vocals (soprano)

Season Of Mist
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