SECOND TO SUN: Release Official Video for "Mrakobesie II"

Russian Metal trio SECOND TO SUN have released the official video for "Mrakobesie II," a […]
August 9, 2018

Russian Metal trio SECOND TO SUN have released the official video for "Mrakobesie II," a track from crushing new album The Black. Get your fix at this location.

The Black was released on May 16. It can be purchased at this location and is streaming in its entirety on SECOND TO SUN's Bandcamp page and YouTube Channel. The Black is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and other digital retailers.

The Black is a reissue of the Blackbound (2016) album, which was re-recorded to add vocals, among several other enhancements.

In case you missed it, SECOND TO SUN recently released the official video for "The Wall." Check it out at:

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"SECOND TO SUNhave come up with something that's truly captivating."
- Dead Rhetoric

"The Black is a very complex album combining many different elements into one highly atmospheric, emotional and coherent sonic form which shines right because of its refined versatility."
- Guitar Sphere

"...modern, crushing take on blackened death with the dark, somber and melodic influences and is well worth the listen as it's a captivating and thoroughly interesting record with something for pretty much every heavy persuasion."
- Overdrive Music Magazine

"This is quite impressive. A stunning piece of work filled with lush soundscapes and bleak moods, but also darkness."
- Progstravaganza

"Melodic, symphonic, blackened, groove deathcore? Imagine what a mix of CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, AT THE GATES, ANAAL NATHRAKH, IN FLAMES, and DARK TRANQUILITY might sound like - SECOND TO SUN are all of this and more."
- Wonderbox Metal

"The Black is insanely good; it is original, it has song structures that most bands would be jealous of and it contains no fillers whatsoever."
- Rocking Charts

"The disc offers an interesting mix of various metal genres, which are initially difficult to imagine in their constellation and yet form a sonorous symbiosis in the end."

"Mixing in a heavy dose of groove metal set against a grim dissonant backing, Second to Sun have created a distinctive sound on The Black that sets them apart from black metal purists while still retaining an oppressively darkened atmosphere."
- Metal Horizons

"Another mighty band from the awesome Russian underground scene. 10 songs of melodicpost black metal with some groove metal influences. Really dark and dismal."
- Kraykulla Webzine

"The main difference between The Black and its predecessor Blackbound is that Blackbound draws pictures, but The Black immerses you in them."
- Antichrist Magazine

Kyle Scott

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