SCARS: Signs Global deal with Brutal Records and Announces first Lyric Music Video "Predatory"

The new lyric music video entitled "Predatory" and edited on June 26 at Ms Motion […]
July 1, 2020

The new lyric music video entitled "Predatory" and edited on June 26 at Ms Motion Graphics under the direction by Marcelo Silva, shows strong lyrical context of "Predatory", placing the human being as a "single super predator" or "alpha predator" without thinking about how devastating this is for the world in which he lives. The sonority presents the firepower of the work where the band rescues its main influences based on the traditional Thrash Metal of the Bay Area, with striking and torn riffs, brutal vocals, technical and intrinsic solos.

The listen experiences immersion in a rhythm as it cycles and mutates in an encircling, hypnotic paradox of its own genesis.

Heavy beat blasts and chugging riffs emerge throughout this album contiguously with song development, with an impressive range of performance and energy thrust into the alternately pummeling and driftingly harmonizing music. Connected in construction and comfortable in aesthetic rendering of concept, in a sense endemic to various breeds of thrash metal, but here the band bypass temptations of mainstream social and monetary power for an essential view into growth in the thrash metal scene at the time.

These Bloody Days
Ancient Power
Sad Darkness of the Soul
The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)
Ghostly Shadows
The 72 Faces of God
Beyond the Valley of Despair
Violent Show
Armageddon (Bonus Track)
Silent Force (Bonus Track)

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SCARS is formed by :
Régis F. (vocals)
Alex Zeraib (guitars)
Thiago Oliveira (Lead guitars)
Marcelo Mitché (bass)
Joāo Gobo (drums).

The band was founded in 1991 in Moóca, a traditional neighborhood in the city of Sāo Paulo, releasing their first work in 1994, "Ultimate Encore", the acclaimed "The Nether Hell" in 2004 and "Devilgod Alliance" in 2008. After a hiatus from 10 years ago, the band returned in 2018 with the two singles "Armageddon" and "Silent Force"

Preorder July 03/2020
Release August 07/2020


USA & Canada


Europe & Worldwide / Pre-order

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