SAINT AGNES: Release Where The Lightning Strikes

'The pair's raw chemistry proves as potent as ever as they dish out a grinding […]
September 29, 2014

'The pair's raw chemistry proves as potent as ever as they dish out a grinding splurge of defiant rock n' roll'Q

'Dirty, sleazy, rock 'n'roll !scorching'Clash

'Can proudly say, this is a great record'Steve Lamacq

Cinematic psych outfitSaint Agneshave released theirnew single,'A Beautiful Day for Murder'via visceral London LabelEnergy Snake Records. The track is a twisted ballad; a love song to death itself. 'It's the soundtrack to a dark and beautiful Western where Lana Del Ray stares down nick Cave in a saloon bar stand-off' says founding memberKitty Austen,who fronts the band withJon Tufnell.After releasingtheir debut single as a duo and packing out The Sebright Arms in suitably raucous fashion, the pair return with a trademark slice of cinematic, Tarantino-style lushness.

B-side'Where the Lightning Strikes'is blues stomping, dirty rock n roll with psychedelic organs, screaming guitars and haunting harmonica. 'Imagine Ennio Morricone writing the score for a remake of Easy Rider.'

Jon and Kitty met whilst playing in their respective bands (The Lost Souls Club&Lola Colt) and immediately bonded over musical influences. Their onstage chemistry is palpable and they are now joined by Matt Devine and Ben Chernett, the no-nonsense bass and drums powerhouse who dress as sharply asThe Bad Seeds.

Saint Agnes are very much a DIY band and like fellow psych-collective Temples, record and produce their own music in their East London studio and have directed both upcoming music videos.

Josh Cooper
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