RYKER's: New Album Released

This is presumably the reaction that you will have when listening to the new Ryker's […]
August 13, 2015

This is presumably the reaction that you will have when listening to the new Ryker's album "Never Meant To Last".

Even after a 20! year band history there is a storm brewing and you don't know what hit you.
Being a flagship for European hardcore, the band have not once released a weak album but this time around even the overseas competition needs to get down.

"Never Meant To Last" is the first album since the reunion of the band and after the 2014 release "Hard To The Core" that was already critically acclaimed and takes the band a few steps up the ladder.

The dynamic songs are raw and fresh and make you feel like you're listening to a hungy newcomer.

"Never Meant To Last" is 100% Ryker's but you can hear the passion the band has in 2015: it's raw, it's brutal and full of energy. Part of that freshness comes from new vocalist Dennis, previously on the mic for Brightside and Tausend Löwen unter Feinden, a longtime friend of the band. His vocal mix ranges between Sick Of It Alls Lou Koller and ex-Ryker's vocalist Kid D. and the bands new material could not have been any better for his debut.

Pigeonholing Ryker's? Simply impossible - you will be surprised with every new song you listen to! "Never Meant To Last" is a fine hit carnage: cool melodic tracks ("Pig Justice"), trash-metal-staccato ("The Downfall"), stadium-gang-shouts ("Back In The City"), dark killer-grooves ("The Age Of!") and banging guitar leads ("The Tenth Level").

On top of this the band have some amazing guests on the album: Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Skarthead, Crown Of Thornz) joins Ryker's for "Fair Play Overrated", Samuel El Action (Scheisse Minelli) for "We Ain't Go Away" and Sick Of It All's Craig Setari for "Distractions".
Andy Classen's production is also an absolute highlight.

Ryker's show the New Jacks egregious how a hit album in 2015 needs to sound like and will certainly increase their fan-base with the release of "Never Meant To Last".

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