ROYAL REPUBLIC: Sign with Nuclear Blast.

Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire are proud to announce the worldwide signing of Sweden's four-man […]
March 1, 2019

Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire are proud to announce the worldwide signing of Sweden's four-man rock sensation and party machine ROYAL REPUBLIC. Welcome to the family!

"We're stoked to officially have Nuclear Blast be part of the ROYAL REPUBLIC family! After three divorces, we're sure we found the right one this time! It's with tremendous excitement we look into the future, together. Hopefully. Just kidding. Seriously stoked!" - Adam Grahn, ROYAL REPUBLIC

ROYAL REPUBLIC don't believe in "guilty pleasures" - only pleasures, free of compromise. Since meeting at the Malmö Academy Of Music in 2007, they've become Sweden's most addictive rock'n'roll export; mixing riffy guitars, king-sized tunes and jet-packed beats with their own eclectic tastes and inimitable joie de vivre. Plus the kind of snazzy suits most of their contemporaries wish they had the balls to pull off. They encapsulate the raw spirit of punk with the hips of James Brown and swaggering braggadocio of James Bond. No wonder they struggle to label themselves! They'll rock the shit out of you and make you dance like you've just won the lottery.

"ROYAL REPUBLIC are the band you'd want to play at your party. I was overwhelmed by the four the moment I saw them live for the first time. Ever since their 2010 colossal debut "We Are The Royal" I wanted to work with them. I'm very excited this is finally happening!" - Tobbe Falarz, ARISING EMPIRE

"We are absolutely excited to be releasing the band's new album after their hugely popular record "Weekend Man"." - Marcus Hammer, NUCLEAR BLAST

ROYAL REPUBLIC have just finished the production of their forthcoming studio album which is expected to be released in 2019.


Adam Grahn | vocals
Hannes Irengård | guitars
Jonas Almén | bass
Per Andreasson | drums

Nuclear Blast
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