Rock Solid Talent Entertainment ' one of the up & coming record labels. The record […]
November 10, 2022

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment ' one of the up & coming record labels. The record label Rock Solid Talent Entertainment, or RSTE for short, was founded on January 3rd 2014 in a partnership between the CEO of the company Phil Taylor & Sophia Radisch. This partnership wasn't to last however. There was an opinion within the management of the company that despite owning 50% of the company, Sophia wasn't contributing to it & she was placed in a position of signing over her shares in Rock Solid Talent Entertainment to Phil's side of the company.

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment has continued to grow and thrive since conception to the present day with not even the Covid-19 pandemic getting in the way or slowing things down. The company continued to grow on it's own taking on new artists to work with, manage & help obtain publication and exposure needed to grow an eventual fan base for new artists and even bigger fan bases for well established artists who had come under the wing of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment.

On May 21st 2021 it was announced by Duggie Kyle {quote}As the Director of European Operations for AMG/SONY."I have been considering London, UK based label, 'Rock Solid Talent Entertainment' and their CEO Phil Taylor, and monitoring their growth and professionalism in the support they offer to all of their artists and bands. I approached Phil Taylor as I felt his label would be a perfect fit for AMG/SONY, I am proud to announce they are now onboard as Rock Solid Talent Entertainment /AMG/Sony distribution partners. We warmly welcome you to our team. personal regards, Duggie Kyle VP Director Of European Operations AMG Corp, Toronto, Canada, (Universal Music Group/AMG/BMG/Sony.) This has proven so far as to be a very fruitful collaboration for all involved."

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment has worked closely over the years with Metal Temple magazine among others, but Metal Temple have been there to assist for some time now from the early days in the company when larger more popular magazines wouldn't help Phil or RSTE. As a reward for assistance and loyalty, Rock Solid Talent Entertainment has provided a lot of opportunities to Metal Temple magazine such as interviews from artists like Dave Evans original singer of AC/DCto Slash's producer Big Chris Flores, which led to Metal Temple's Co-Editor In Chief Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton being the first journalist to leak the story about the fact that prior to his death by suicide, Chester Bennington, singer of Linkin Park, had recorded a secret collaboration with Slash on a song called "Crazy". The interview published during mental health week on 13th May 2021 led to news of the song going viral. This song has never been fully publicised however and only a few people have a copy of the song in it's entirety. This is just one example of the leaks Rock Solid Talent Entertainment have managed to have drawn out over the years.

A new leak has sprung from Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. They are now sourcing tribute bands to sign and already have a couple on board. They will be the only record label to be creating a roster of tribute acts. This opens up a whole new exciting chapter for the record label as it continues to grow & thrive. As far as we are aware, at present no other label is venturing with such a concept. As the company continues to grow in popularity and adding more artists to the labels ever growing family, they continue to take on board new artists frequently.The company looks after their family.RSTE has served its bands & artists well financially as well as distribution & management & production. Their first tribute bandthey took on in Los Angeles California is the first ever all femaletribute band WHOLE LOTTTA ROSIES who are currently having a documentary filmed on them which more info will be released at a later date.WHOLE LOTTA ROSIES are an all female AC/DC tribute band.

Article written & sourced by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton, Co-Editor In Chief of Metal Temple magazine.

JoJo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton
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