ROADWOLF Announce New Album, "Midnight Lightning."

[Photo Credit: Izaquiel Tomé] Brace yourself for an ear-shattering, face-melting experience as Austrian heavy metal […]
March 25, 2023

[Photo Credit: Izaquiel Tomé]

Brace yourself for an ear-shattering, face-melting experience as Austrian heavy metal outfit ROADWOLF announces their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Midnight Lightning, set for release on May 19, 2023 via Napalm Records!

With their debut album, Unchain the Wolf (2020), ROADWOLF firmly established themselves as purveyors of classic heavy metal, drawing inspiration from legendary acts such as Judas Priest, Saxon, UFO, Dio and Ozzy Osbourne. Since its release, the band has turned heads on stage, performing at renowned metal festivals such as Wacken and sharing the stage with notable acts such as Enforcer, Skull Fist, Bullet, Lizzy Borden, Vicious Rumors and Night Demon. Now, they bring the madness directly to you with their all killers no fillers album, Midnight Lightning!

To give a first taste of what to expect, the first single "On The Run" has been unleashed today! It's a fierce exclamation point featuring electrifying guitar riffs, a pulsating bassline and driving drums forming a powerful heavy metal track, which makes it undoubtedly clear that ROADWOLF are here to stay!

ROADWOLF state on "On The Run":

"We are super excited to present the first single of our new album on Napalm Records.

Get ready for a fast heavy metal neckbreaker and turn it up loud!

Neighbours complaining? A real renegade cranks it up louder!"

Watch the video for "On The Run" HERE!

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Live wild, ride fast and uncover the secrets of the night with heavy metal trailblazers ROADWOLF!

ROADWOLF sold their souls to traditional Heavy Metal - showcased on title track "Midnight Lightning", which brings out their power with soaring vocals and scorching guitar solos, reminiscent of Judas Priest. "Mark of the Devil" presents the band's songwriting abilities, with multiple Iron Maiden-inspired solos and dynamic changes throughout the track. "Supernatural" offers a softer side of the band with ballad-like verses, but then explodes into heavy metal power during the choruses. "High Under Pressure" races along with a blistering pace that is further enhanced with great dueling guitar and saxophone solos. "Sons Of The Golden Horde" showcases another powerful song with lyrics of historic wars, reminiscent of Iron Maiden's great historical anthems. "Don't Deliver Us From Evil" uplifts with pure energy and catchy choruses that will have the whole crowd singing along. ROADWOLF keeps on rolling with another grooving track in "Running Out Of Time". Bringing out their Motörhead influence on "Savage Child", the song showcases the band's speed metal skills, as well as catchy choruses with small alterations to keep it interesting with each repeat. Last but not least, the album concludes with the slow but beautiful ballad "Isolated Hearts", featuring clean guitar reverb and soft piano underscoring powerful vocals singing of fading of hearts in the face of warfare. With Midnight Lightning, ROADWOLF turns the intensity up to 11 and beyond, taking no time to rest and delivering a more explosive and dynamic sound than ever before!

ROADWOLF state on Midnight Lightning:

"Rock and roll maniacs, are you ready to unleash the beast within? We're finally back from the dead and bringing the thunder with our new album, Midnight Lightning! So crank up the volume, grab a beer and smash your windows so everyone can join the listening party!"

Pre-Order your copy of Midnight Lightning NOW!

Midnight Lightning Tracklisting:

1 On The Run
2 Midnight Lightning
3 Mark of The Devil
4 Supernatural
5 High Under Pressure
6 Sons of the Golden Horde
7 Don't Deliver Us From Evil
8 Running Out of Time
9 Savage Child
10 Isolated Hearts

Midnight Lightning will be available in the following formats:

1LP Gatefold Violet Transparent (limited to 300 worldwide)
1LP Gatefold BLACK (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
CD Digipak
Music Cassette Neon Orange Transparent (limited to 100 copies) ' Napalm Records Shop exclusively
Digital Album


Franz 'Franky' Bauer ' Vocals
Valentin 'Vali' Strasser ' Guitars
Christoph 'Aigy' Aigner ' Bass
Emanoel 'Mano' Bruckmüller ' Drums

Napalm Records
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