RIMFROST: Signs To Non Serviam Records

Non Serviam Records comments: We are really happy with the signing of Rimfrost. It's a […]
December 23, 2015

Non Serviam Records comments: We are really happy with the signing of Rimfrost. It's a real pleasure to cooperate with this hard working and professional band.

The band Rimfrost is unleashing their brand new album entitled "Rimfrost" in Spring 2016.

Recorded at the prestigious MRG Production and Freezing World Studios in Sweden. The ferocious new album offers a bloody follow up to previous two full lengths.

With this new album Rimfrost will easily top their earlier albums.

Bass player B.C. Gives His Thoughts:"This is going to destroy everything in its path! I can't wait to hold it in my hands!"

Guitarist And Vocalist Hravn: "We are proud to work with Non Serviam Records and their strong belief and enthusiasm inside the extreme metal scene. This is a label that burns for the right cause and together we shall put more fuel on the fire!"

Lyrically, Rimfrost Guitarist And Vocalist Hravn Says: "This album is more personal in the writing of the lyrics. Still, with the same spirit as before, with the darkness and the will to destroy and conquer. We have taken the step out of the Black Metal box, and we do and write what the fuck we want. That goes for the whole package, music and lyrics.

Support us and judge yourselves!"

Artwork duties are handled by: Istvan Konya.

"Rimfrost" Track Listing:

1. As The Silver Curtain Closes
2. Saga
3. North Beyond The Mountains Of Rime Dark
4. Prophecies
5. Ragnarök
6. Cold Witches
7. Hammer
8.Frostlaid Skies


Non Serviam Records Website:www.non-serviam-records.com
Non Serviam Records Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/nonserviamrecords/

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