RHAPSODY: Announce Special Guests Of Upcoming "Prometheus Cinematic Tour" For 2016

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody are proud to announce the great bands which will share the stage […]
October 24, 2015

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody are proud to announce the great bands which will share the stage with them in Europe on the upcoming Prometheus Cinematic Tour:

The Special Guests:

Iron Mask (from Jan 15 to Jan 30), Temperance (from Jan 31 to Feb 16), Asylum Pyre (from Jan 15 to Jan 30), Qantice (from Jan 31 to Feb 16) and Ancient Bards (in Italy from Feb 17 to Feb 19).

Dominique Leurquin, the guitar player of Rhapsody, affirms: "It is really amazing to be on tour with such great bands and musicians. Different styles of music for all tastes, different attitudes, but the same glorious approach to art based on heart and soul!"

Patrice Guers, the bass player, adds: "Such a tour will represent a real emotional adventure: an amazing setlist, video projection, special guests, surprises... We are all waiting for you. Stay Cinematic!"

The "Prometheus Cinematic Tour":

15.01. F Annecy - Le Brise Glace (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
16.01. D Mannheim - Alte Seilerei (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
17.01. NL Tilburg ' 013 (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
18.01. D Bochum ' Matrix (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
20.01. D Hamburg ' Logo (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
21.01. D Berlin - Columbia Theater (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
22.01. CZ Prague - Nova Chmelnice (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
23.01. PL Wroclaw ' Alibi (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
24.01. PL Warsaw ' Proxima (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
26.01. SK Kosice ' Collosseum (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
27.01. H Budapest - Club 202 (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
29.01. SK Bratislava - Majestic Music Club (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)
30.01. A Vienna ' Szene (Rhapsody, Iron Mask, Asylum Pyre)

31.01. D Augsburg ' Spectrum (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
01.02. D Aschaffenburg ' Colossaal (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
03.02. D Munich, Backstage (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
04.02. D Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
05.02. CH Lyss, Kufa (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
06.02. F Paris, Divan Du Monde (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
08.02. UK Glasgow, Audio Glasgow (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
09.02. UK London, 02 Academy Islington (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
10.02. B Vosselaar, Biebob (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
12.02. E Madrid, Caracol (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
13.02. E Barcelona, Salamandra 1 (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)
16.02. F Lyon, Ninkasi Kao (Rhapsody, Temperance, Qantice)

17.02. I Bologna, Estragon (Rhapsody, Temperance, Ancient Bards)
18.02. I Rome, Orion (Rhapsody, Temperance, Ancient Bards)
19.02. I Milan, Live Club (Rhapsody, Temperance, Ancient Bards)

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