REXORIA: "It's not weird that this is something many young people, like Greta Thunberg, is thinking about (climate change)' because it's their future. As a musician you have the possibility to, through your lyrics, to point out these problems."

REXORIA is a Melodic Metal band with Folk influences located in Sweden. They recently released […]
October 19, 2019

REXORIA is a Melodic Metal band with Folk influences located in Sweden. They recently released their latest album, "Ice Breaker," and Metal Temple Editor Kai Naiman caught up with vocalist Frida Ohlin and guitarist Cristofer Svensson to talk about the band and their new album, Check out the interview here!

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Thank you for agreeing on having this email interview with Metal-Temple. Please briefly introduce yourself and your band, REXORIA, to our readers.

Rexoria: The band was formed 2016 in Jönköping, Sweden. and we have been very active since then with two EPs and one album called "Queen of Light". We have also toured and played with bands such as Bloodbound, Thobbe Englund (ex Sabaton), Battle beast and Dynazty. The members are Frida Ohlin on vocals, Jonas Gustavsson on guitar, Cristofer Svensson on guitar and Martin Gustavsson on Drums. /Cristofer

Congratulations on releasing your band's third record and second full-length album, "Ice Breaker". On the fifth title-track, the album's lyrical theme is revealed in the most straight-forward and yet, terrifying way. Can you share a little of your insights about the lyrical background and the message of the album?

Rexoria: Thank you so much! The title track has two different types of meanings. First of all, we wanted to write a song regarding a discussed matter in our time. And both in Sweden, and the world, is the global warming something on everyone's lips. Since we are a band that's relating a lot to the nature, this was something that felt like a good thing to write about. To make people have a second thought on this issue, and make the listener react on the song and lyrics. Not that we have any political statement regarding this, just that we wanted to write something that the fans can relate strongly to. And also, since we want this album to be the one that might attract a bigger crowd for us, the name "Ice Breaker" got a meaning into that as well.

Having discussed this issue, and knowing Sweden, your home country, is perhaps the world's leader in efforts to reduce the negative effects of climate change and global warming, and Greta Thunberg becoming the world-renowned character in the awareness campaign ' what message do you have for the world, and most importantly, what musicians, such as yourself, can do in order to join the cause effectively?

Rexoria: Even if this song is in no way a political statement, it's hard to not be worried about the global warming. Especially since a lot of countries and leaders do not want to to anything about is, or not even believe in it. So it's not weird that this is something many young people, like Greta Thunberg, is thinking about ' because it's their future. As a musician you have the possibility to, trough your lyrics, point out these problems. But the problem is that nothing will change, unless the leaders want to change.

Let's get back to the music. While "Ice Breaker" is considered a Symphonic Metal album, I could, personally, hear more influence from Heavy Metal acts such as IRON MAIDEN and occasionally hints of GARY MOORE, than of Symphonic Metal acts. What do you think of your album and band, stylistically speaking? Do you think that there is a connection between the fact that REXORIA is a female-fronted band and the fact that your album is labelled in a specific manner?

Rexoria: I agree with that, we have more influences in power metal and heavy metal than symphonic metal, even though we have touches of that here and there as well. I think some people might label us as symphonic metal because of a lot of the big female fronted metal bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation and Epica is in that genre. But most of them we have talked to before think we are more of a power/heavy metal band. /Cristofer

They say that artists usually like all their songs, and yet, some tend to disagree. What is your opinion on that matter? Do you have a specific number off "Ice Breaker" that stands-out the most to you? If so, why?

Rexoria: Of course I like all the songs of the album but if I have to pick one I think it would be Vår Verklighet because it's the first time we write a song in Swedish, and we have a fantastic guest vocalist in Niklas Isfeldt from Dream Evil.

Me as a song writer tend more to like most of the songs. I would not have put a song on the album that I'm not really happy with. And since we have a wide range of typ of songs on the album (harder metal, ballads, Swedish, power metal etc) I think there is one song for every mood.
But a special one for me might be The Rise of the Phoenix, since it's a song I wrote already when I was 17 years old and it's really fun to have it now on Ice Breaker!

With "Ice Breaker" out, the band's slowly taking off. Having signed a contract with Pride & Joy Music and expending their listener outreach, what are REXORIA's future aspirations and what challenges must you face before reaching those goals?

Rexoria: Our goal is to play on the biggest stages in the world, we know the road to get there is long and takes a lot of hard work.

I believe that one big goal right now is to find a bigger tour with some great band, so we get a chance to really promote for Ice Breaker! That might give us the "push" we have been wating for to reach a bigger crowd.

Let's discuss the modern source of virtually every musicians' income, touring. Have you got any plans on travelling further down in Europe, or perhaps reaching all the way to the America's?

Rexoria:. We are looking at our for tour options right now, and we're hoping to be out on the roads again soon! First of all we aim for Europe, but we would absolutely love to play in America to!

It's been a pleasure holding this interview with you today. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Rexoria: Right now we have two release shows scheduled in the Netherlands this weekend (October 18 and 19). After that we are going back to Sweden for a couple of shows together with Freedom Call and we hope we get to see a lot of people there!

I wish to thank you for participating in today's interview, and I wish you and REXORIA success in your future endeavours, whatever they may be!

Rexoria: Thank you very much!

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