REVENGER: Release Drum Playthrough Video

Vancouver-based groove thrashers REVENGER have released a drum playthrough video for "We Want Blood," a […]
May 30, 2018

Vancouver-based groove thrashers REVENGER have released a drum playthrough video for "We Want Blood," a blistering highlight from The New Mythology Vol. 1. Watch Julia Geaman get after it at:

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REVENGER released The New Mythology Vol. 1 on February 17. Stream/purchase:

The New Mythology Vol.1, REVENGER's second studio release, is a five-song EP that expands on the band's aggressive thrash style with tracks that are more technical, visceral and direct than debut album To The Wolves. Formed in 2012, the band introduces some key members that shape the sound and vibe of this EP, which is more calculated and driven than before. Heavy guitar rhythms punctuated by a consistent thrash pulse breaks only when the groove requires and marks REVENGER's particular style. The lyrics and gritty death
vocals also bring out the rage and bitterness of the subject matter which, for this EP, is slightly more conceptual and inspired by comic books and how today's mythology could become tomorrow's dogma.

"REVENGER wants blood, and you're gonna give it to them whether you want to or not."
- Metal-Temple

"Think old school thrash with a bit more technicality & you'll understand what The New Mythology Vol. 1 is all about. Direct & in your face, it's a hostile slab of metal."
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"This entire EP is heavy, memorable,groove filled, melodic and incredibly entertaining."
- Cadaver Garden

"REVENGER possess a visceral, groove-heavy modern thrash style that makes The New Mythology Vol. 1, quite the engaging and pulverizing listen."

"With this only being a 5 track EP, and with it being so bloody good, you have to play it over and over and hope that your neighbors won't complain."
- Battle Helm

"Keep your ears and eyes out for REVENGER, as they are surely an unsigned band that is about to make some serious waves in the industry."
- Mosh Pit Nation

"They can create rhythms that absolutely pummel you, or they can make your head bob to chugging metal grooves."
- Heavy Blog is Heavy

"Their thrash metal has a heavy dose of groove, channeling a jumpy energy into the sound."
- Heavy Music Headquarters

"An intricate, skillful and hyperactive spin on a well-trodden template that I'd recommend to all - even the most grizzled, cynical scene veterans."
- Overdrive Magazine

"The New Mythology Vol. 1 occupies space alongside not only Revocation but Legion of the Damned and to some extent the later recordings of Scarve. A nice discovery for folks looking for a little extra care tocomposition in their metalcore-ish groove metal listening."
- Grizzly Butts

"There's a lot of good music coming out of Canada right now, and these guys are a prime example. A metal band that keeps it real."
- Bloodrock Media

"A great, technical and powerful thrash metal work."
- Necromance

"A very heavy thrash influencedsound."
- True Bringer of Death Zine


Andrew Bailey (Vocals)
JP Poulin (Bass)
Sean Parkinson (Guitars)
Julia Geaman (Drums)

With the intent of bringing together technical thrash metal and gritty groove riffs, REVENGER was born in 2012 through the hands of guitarist Jean-Pierre Poulin and drummer Chris Warunki. The pair had written music together before and the combination of their styles and personalities was a natural experiment. In March 2014, REVENGER debuted in Vancouver to warm reviews.

Their first independent album To the Wolves came out in September 2014 with Jordan Knute (lead guitar), Greg Cavanagh (vocals) and Darryl Greer (bass). In early 2015, Revenger's lineup evolved to include Julia Geaman (drums) and Andrew Bailey (vocals). The following year was largely focused on woodshedding, playing local and regional shows/festivals alongside renowned bands such as HAVOK, BEYOND CREATION, ARCHSPIRE, TENGGER CAVALRY, STRYKER and UNLEASH THE ARCHERS.

2016 saw the introduction of Sean Parkinson on guitar (replacing Jordan Knute), and the interesting switch from guitar to bass for founder and main song writer JP Poulin. Ending the year with a 5-song EP written and ready to be recorded in early 2017, REVENGER is ready to tour extensively and work tirelessly to get their music out to the world.



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