REPTILIAN: Set Release Date For "Edged Circle" | Reveal First Track

Much as they've done withSepulcherandInculter,Edged Circle Productionsis proud to present the debut album of a […]
February 17, 2016

Much as they've done withSepulcherandInculter,Edged Circle Productionsis proud to present the debut album of a Norwegian newcomer who'll soon be spoken of far and wide:Reptilian'sPerennial Void Traverse, set for international release onApril 22nd. In some ways like national contemporaries Obliteration and Execration - and, of course, grandaddies Cadaver - the still-youngReptilianwhip forth a whirlwind of utterly twisted, fever-dreaming death metal. Across its six sidewinding tracks,Perennial Void Traverseindeed draws the listener into a void of ghastly contours that continually shapeshift. Lumbering 'n' lurking down-tempos instill an atmosphere of dread and impending doom, all before explosions of filth-banging thrash burst forth and hammer onward, only for the momentum to be up-ended by further lurking and creeping death, and a whole host of maneuvers that defy easy comprehension: the tools atReptilian's disposal are many, and with an enviously fluid sense of mastery, they weave together a rich, red-eyed tapestry of hysteria and unease.

And yet, despite all the frequently labyrinthine constructions,Perennial Void Traverseis a highly dynamic listen, its thorny 'n' treacherous landscape nevertheless dotted with hellishly memorable hooks - but as ever, laced with a diabolical sense of mischief, for what is a sonic experience if it'stoocomfortable? Of course,Reptilianexecute all this death metal magick with a tightness and confidence that are blanching to behold; chaos may threaten to creep in across the album, but the band fully harness its powers and make it their servant.Perennial Void Traverseis likewise recorded with just the right balance between rawness and clarity, composure and decomposure, and rendered in warm, totally human analog tones. Pay witness to the beginning of greatness and take the first step deep insideReptilian'sPerennial Void TraverseHEREwith the fittingly titled openingtrack, "Swamp."Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

"Perennial Void Traverse" Track Listing:

1. Swamp
2. Possessed By The Eyes Of The Living God
3. Cede To Celestial Providence
4. Phantasm
5. Cadaverous Creature
6. Transmigration

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