RAMPAGE INC: New Album "Earth Shaker" To Be Released September 4th

New Album, 'Earth Shaker', to be released 4th September 2015 Follow up album to the […]
August 20, 2015

New Album, 'Earth Shaker', to be released 4th September 2015
Follow up album to the critically acclaimed, 2013 release, 'feel the waves'

"...purveyors of progressive metal goodness" - Rock N Reel Reviews

'Earth Shaker' the new album, from Scottish, Progressive Metallers, Ramage Inc, are embarking on the next stage of their quickly expanding music career. The follow up album to 2013's explosive release 'Feel the Waves' promises to be just as in-depth, entertaining, melodic, heavy and providing the next progressive step from the last album. 'Feel the Waves' was well received and toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, picking up new listeners and fans alike, thriving on the melodic and progressive metal sound that is Ramage Inc. Self produced, at home in Scotland, the quartet have created another masterwork of their sound to release to the world, in the hope they can build on an already solid foundation of noticeable works. Featuring the vocal talents of Karolina Sumowska and Łukasz Karolak, the album features a new and climatic dynamic to their ever growing catalogue of songs. Couple this with a tight and warm production by award winning producer and brainchild of the outfit, Bryan Ramage, you can see and hear, why, the vision and the destination are slowly coming together.

"...Unique musical sound" - Mosh on the Radio

Allan "Hef" Forsyth (guitar), Paul "Hammy" Hameed (drums), Marcin Buczek (bass) and Bryan Ramage (vocals & guitar) all hail from Edinburgh, Scotland. They write, produce and release their own material, from a studio of the same origin and with a huge sound and no nonsense attitude, they are creating a new level of energy and elegance, ready for the metal world to sit up and take further notice.

"... well structured content brought to life by ferocious delivery..." - Ave Noctum (Prog-Power)

Ten tracks of melodic metal mastery will be available from the 4th September 2015, but is receiving early airplay on radio stations and podcasts alike, which all can be found via the various media outlets and social media platforms available. In addition to this, Ramage Inc are embarking on a release tour which will see them cross the UK and Europe in a bid to deliver the new sound in person to all the lovers of metal who wish to hear the Ramage Inc dynamic, live. You've felt the waves, now feel the Earth shake.

"....unrelenting journey of high intensive power driven sounds" - Gobophotography

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