Do you enjoy the classic Swedish Death Metal sound, but tired of new-age imitators? Here's […]
May 29, 2017

Do you enjoy the classic Swedish Death Metal sound, but tired of new-age imitators? Here's a band from that classic era, that have returned recently. Purgatorium from Sweden released 2 demos in the early 90's after starting in 1989, both of which are released together by Discouraged Records on this debut compilation album. There is more to come from this newly awakened horde!

Purgatorium was founded in 1989 in the village Tavelsjö located outside of Umeå, Sweden and released the demo "Cup of Blood" the same year. The music was characterized by the early wave of Swedish death metal with large elements of the instrumental parts. During the first half of the 90s two additional demos were released, "Enter the Gate" and "Travels". The band's last release before the breakup in 1995 was the participation on W.A.R. Compilation - Volume One, a classic compilation of Swedish death metal from that time era consisting of the Dark Tranquility, Dissection and In Flames, etc. The purgatory was extinguished and cooled during the ca. 20 years passed since then.
In 2016 it began to smolder again in the remains of the melodic melting pot of death metal that Purgatorium consists of. The band's founding members David Israelsson (guitars & lead vocals), Daniel Israelsson (drums) and Michael Lindberg (lead guitar), has teamed up with Jens Karlsson (Persuader etc.) who has picked up the bass to once again take care of the lost souls to burn...

With a new lineup in full force, Discouraged Records has decided to release the 2 demos from the 90's as a compilation album. It has already been released digitally, with the CD release due on 29th of May. With their classic sound re-invigorated and exposed to a new generation of death metal fans that crave the old school touch, there is a lot of potential this band can live up to!

Still In Search
(Compilation Album)

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Tavelsjo, Sweden

Release Date: 29 May, 2017

Label: Discouraged Records

Format: CD & Digital

Track - List:

01. Still In Search
02. Miklagård
03. Never Dance
04. Intro
05. Is This My Homeland
06. Incoming
07. Outro

Track 1-3, released 94 as "Still In Search" promo *
Track 4-7, released 92 as "Travels" demo *
Lead Vocals, Guitar: David Israelsson
Drums: Daniel Israelsson
Lead Guitar: Mikael Lindberg
Bass, Backing Vocals: Jens Karlsson

* Bass on these recordings by Markus Strandgren.


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