Promotion: Tribute To The Prog Gods / by Steinmetal

When mentioning Progressive Rock, it should spark something within one's soul. Nothing similar to mainly […]
April 10, 2014

When mentioning Progressive Rock, it should spark something within one's soul. Nothing similar to mainly a drop in the ocean, yet something much unique deeper, enigmatic if you will. As a musical genre, over the years since its development in the mid to late 60's, it has been the basis for everything that is atmospheric, symbolic, spiritual and influential but also technical and assorted, all when it comes to the encroachment and enhancement of Rock music. All over the world this genre banged doors, crossed and turned, grasping the support of millions under its wing, also the same in country of Israel.

The genre has always been a fan favorite in the country, inspiring various of artists to start foundations of the progression of Rock similar to the old days, the era when giants walked the earth like PINK FLOYD, KING CRIMSON, CAMEL and many others that set their foothold into the listeners' ears and hearts. These three mentioned acts has been an integral part and an impact on the music world for over three decades, even if not performing in full capacity nowadays.




ProgStage Productions has made a promise and a purpose to itself, as a Progressive Rock promoter at its base, to let Israel taste the profoundness of the genre by accommodating the icing on the cake of this music. This time it will be a production that will be based on local Israeli talents, three highly talented bands, which will reintroduce in their own special way, the feel of the older gods, it was named "Tribute To The Prog Gods".


Already made a name for themselves in the Israeli scene, this band has been playing to perfection the classic and multifarious creations of PINK FLOYD. On the upcoming show, ECHOES will be playing the entire classic "Animals" album from top to bottom.


One of the veteran local bands, which has been playing a large variety of Progressive Rock songs, will be mainly playing a special edition for the KING CRIMSON album "Red" along bits of other strong numbers of other groups.


Over the years they have been known to be one of the greatest CAMEL followers playing their material with no less than precision, note to note. Furthermore, this band also has been touring Europe in conjunction with their local shows. On the upcoming show they will presenting the best numbers of CAMEL.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, a Progressive Rock events made by three special and unique bands playing the classics of the one most enigmatic genres of Rock music. This will be no other than a profound experience for each and everyone of you to have, all you have to do is to be there, get your ticket right away.


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