Promotion: TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION (USA) - Ready To Spread "Dirt" Worldwide / by Jeff Legg

Stand up and take notice, there's a new sheriff in town. If you've been living […]
May 31, 2014

Stand up and take notice, there's a new sheriff in town.

If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, get ready to have your ass handed to you. With their new album "Ride On" tentatively set to come out in late June via Carved Records, this "Band of Outlaws" from Dennison, Texas, are primed for stardom and ready to show the world what all of the talk is about. There's not a harder working, more deserving band on the planet and their time has come to stand in the spotlight. With the current state of the music industry starving for good old American Blue Collar Rock gods, bands are sprouting up everywhere expecting to assume the rock-star position. But with mass quantity, comes inferior quality. Too many bands are putting out "cookie cutter" music that attempts to ride the coat tails of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal industry mainstays and "flavor of the month" musicians. Not the case for the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. Never one to compromise in the slightest sense, they have remained true to their musical roots, and more importantly, to their loyal fans. I've witnessed this band grow from playing to 50 fans in a bar a few years ago to arguably dominating festivals like Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma.

To visualize TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION's distinctive sound, close your eyes and imagine Pantera wearing "shit kickers"; maybe an edgier, modern day BLACKFOOT. Playing a heavy, southern groove with whiskey breath and a backbone made of metal; these guys live the outlaw lifestyle to its fullest. You get the message yet? They're different than anybody out there today and evidently being different is a good thing. THC (as they are so ironically referred to) are rising faster than the national debt and are hotter than their "Peacemaker" pistol after a gunfight, as evident by the hordes of fans that claim them as family. And for the record, it's this family that will "whoop" your ass if you somehow cross their brothers in the band.

Having single-handedly created the Red Dirt Metal genre, their catalog consists of three albums, "Pride of Texas", "Rollin'", and the groundbreaking, Bob Marlette produced, "Peacemaker". They are gaining momentum at the rate of which is rarely witnessed in hard rock these days, and now, "Ride On" should make TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION a household name. For now, they have no equals in this new genre of music and other bands are starting to take notice by imitating their sound. From this point forward, all other similar bands that have spawned from this Red Dirt Metal sound, will owe a huge debt of gratitude to the "Band of Outlaws" for paving the way; or at least making this narrowing road called rock n' roll, a little wider. THC dared to play their own style, win or lose, and let the cards fall where they may. In turn, they have succeeded in a way they couldn't have imagined possible just a few short years ago.

Singer, songwriter and founding member Big Dad Ritch is an imposing, larger than life gunslinger and is the self-appointed "King of Texas". Rarely seen without his black cowboy hat pulled low and sunglasses hiding his eyes, he looks like the one "your mama warned you about". Playing live, he has a story behind every song and won't hesitate to let you know if he's "had his way" with your girlfriend. His voice is perfect for this type of music and has gotten stronger with each album. You can feel the presence of Johnny Cash and Waylon and Willie in his soul with every note he sings and there's no denying that he was born to do this. Writing lyrics like "Tattoos, Titties, Lipstick and Whiskey" or "Too Much Waylon Whiskey, Way Too Much Willie Weed" could only come from the King of Texas, right? And even though TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION have become so popular over the last couple of albums, Ritch is still one of the most down to earth rock stars in music today. But he will be the first to tell you that he couldn't have done it without his longtime cohort, John Exall, the other original member of THC. Exall is a phenomenal bass player as well as a showman and is the glue that holds the band together. Never one to shy away from an autograph or to take a photo with a fan, his onstage performance is a show in it's self. And just like Ritch, he's one of the nicest guys working today. Drummer Timmy "the Hitman" Braun, is a seasoned musician and is as good as it gets behind the kit He always brings his skill, passion, and that extra flair that is hard to take your eyes off of. And last, but surely not least, is guitarist Cord Pool. The young, good-looking axe wielder is an unassuming "kid" that looks like he's 16 but plays like he's been touring for 20 years. Don't let the young looks fool you, this kid is for real. He's the reason so many of the younger Hippie Chicks plant themselves in the front row and will fight you if you get in their way. The Hippies have the whole package; talent, substance, great songs, and the bad-boy look of arena rock-stars, to headline from now on. They've proven that they're ready for the big stage at any venue they play and you'll have hell to pay trying to take that away from them.

Rarely does a band come along with so much firepower and ass-kicking attitude that they can create their own genre of music. Now legions of fans around the world are flocking to TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION shows to be a part of the "Ride". With the likes of Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, Motley Crüe, and Pantera having laid the foundation for this band, they intend on becoming one of the biggest touring acts in hard rock. And with the release of their forthcoming album, "Ride On", there's no doubt that they will become just that. TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has done it old school, the way that all of their mentors before them have done it; writing great, heavy, outlaw style music and taking the stage night in and night out and kicking you in the face.

This summer, as the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION head out on the widely popular Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, the biggest tour of their lives, the spotlight will shine brighter on them than ever before. The only thing brighter is their future. If you don't get in line with these guys, you're going to be left in their dust. Ride On, Ride On!!!!!


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