Promotion: FOLK FEST III ' An Irish Night To Remember - Tel Aviv, Israel - 13.9.2014 / by Val Smirnoff

ProgStage Productions has and had a lot of surprises for us Israelis since they emerged […]
September 5, 2014

ProgStage Productions has and had a lot of surprises for us Israelis since they emerged at the scene.

One of the mighty genres of the Metal flow, or trends nowadays, is Folk Metal. It sounds, well maybe for those who are not familiar with the genre, something eagerly liked, very easy going, smooth and catchy. However, that is not the case at all, at least from where I am sitting. Folk Metal has a much diversified tunes and rhythms, it all depends on from where's a certain band comes from, and what do they present from their local culture. Basically, there is a combo of ancient philosophies with Metal music. This is quite a strong, powerful and mighty amalgamation.

Thanks to ProgStage Productions, and it shows on their earlier presentations of the sort, this amazing genre struck the very heart of the local Metal scene twice already, and here they are with the third blow number three.

For those who missed the previous Folk Fests, here is a quick reminder of what we had, before sharing with you what is up next for the third time.

On the first production of Folk Fest we had the opening Israeli band GEVOLT. Since Folk is about cultural values, GEVOLT stood out it's Jewish roots, following traditional melodies and almost forgotten Yiddish language mixed in a huge Metal blender. From the hot humid Israeli breeze, the atmosphere shifted into a darkened Nordic cold wind as the mighty TYR came up on the stage and shook it with a mighty Viking spirit. Emerging from the bleak, it was the right moment for a happy time, drunken foolishness in the honors of our brothers that fought for and with us! And mostly just for fun. KORPIKLAANI, a pack of crazy Fins, let their energies out with some "vodka" not knowing about the Viking piracy that was about to surface in Folk Fest number two.

FOLK FEST I (Report)

The Folk Fest II took place at Reading 3, Tel Aviv, a big venue for another set of Folk Metal giants, who came to thrash and destroy, to drink your rum and steal your women. ALESTORM, consist of members mainly from Britain, just like real pirates they know no rest, sailing their ship, picking their crew one by one from different neighboring lands, England , Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It was a very interesting fact that Reading 3 was built near the shore, and I don't know if there was someone who put his / her mind to it, but pirates and sea breeze is quite a solid mishmash. I have to admit that ALESTORM is a very fun band, a true group of performers. But before these drunken swashbucklers rose to the stage, there was another fierce battle in the works.

A time for real man music, and that happened when the Dutch HEIDEVOLK rose first to the challenge, a true Folk / Viking Metal spirit, with a six band members, armed to the best of their abilities.

For those who missed Folk Fest II, too bad for you mates, you missed a huge treat! A true quality.


And just to assure that it will not happen again, at least for you, this is what waiting for you next time!

The Folk Fest III will take place at a Barby Club, Tel Aviv, in the Saturday of September 13[sup]th[/sup], 2014. This time you are in for a special Irish oriented treat led by actual Irishmen.

After a long and too hot Israeli summer, it's time to remember that winter won't be a stranger soon, and there's nothing better than a touch of Northern, Celtic music. For years the Irish CRUACHAN's real passion has been demonstrated for this kind of genre, and their will to share it with a warmed and nervy country like Israel is a bliss. The band's doctrine is simple, native Celtic Folk with strong type of Heavy Metal. Without remorse they take the genre to the next level and give their audience a real experience of an ancient spirits of Celtic Gods with real live instruments, By the book! Violins and drums will take your mind to roam the ancient Celtic Northern forests.

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CRUACHAN will be escorted by the Israeli Folk band BLACK VELVET. This beautiful band do not specialized in Metal whatsoever, yet they do specialize in traditional Irish music. BLACK VELVET was formed in the end of the 80's and making astounding and peaceful music since then. I have to admit that by the time I write this article, I got a bit addicted to their beautiful tunes.

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How is this fusion between the arts of Folk and Metal is going to work, and in an Irish form? Well, it is up to you to find out. I think that this is amazing recipe for a perfect Celtic / Irish night that you probably shouldn't miss.


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