PRIMEVAL REALM "Primordial Light" - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 14th March 2014

he release date of the PRIMEVAL REALM debutalbum "Primordial Light" on CD is March 14th, […]
February 11, 2014

he release date of the PRIMEVAL REALM debutalbum "Primordial Light" on CD is March 14th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on February 28th, 2014 in our webshop.

We are proud to present a new band on Pure Steel Records, PRIMEVAL REALM from the USA who have now recorded their debut album called "Primordial Light". Until now we only had very few Doom bands in our back catalogue, but this quartet, formed in 2009, plays this genre with a passion and devotion which is contagious.

In 39 minutes' playing time, the album features seven songs, some of which are overlong. They are full of homage to bands like TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, SAINT VITUS/THE OBSESSED and SOLITUDE AETURNUS. But the band never copies the originals, they present fresh ideas of their own. The songs are not always in slow-motion but also offer some brisker passages. Epic, melancholic parts alternate with groovy riff-monsters in the best Iommi-tradition; the sentimental, melodic vocals of mastermind Joe Potash show authenticity and power, keyboards/Hammond organs are only used as intensification for the gloomy and menacing aura. The track "Heavy is the Mind" shows even classic Heavy-influences and the final track "Primordial Light!Departure" surprises with light flute-sounds. The sound is fat, powerful and heavy on the basses, but this is of course a point of honour.

Excellent, sometimes epic Doom Metal from utter conviction: PRIMEVAL REALM are truly a candidate for coming HAMMER OF DOOM-gigs!

1. A Primeval Realm
2. Black Flames & Shadows
3. Electric Knowledge
4. Galaxy Lifter
5. Heavy Is This Mind
6. Night Of The Wolfmoon
7. Primordial Light... Departure
Total Playing Time: 39:57min

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