POST PULSE: Release New Single "Inherited."

Helsinki-based death metal band Post Pulse release their new single, "Inherited" worldwide today. The song […]
December 14, 2019

Helsinki-based death metal band Post Pulse release their new single, "Inherited" worldwide today. The song is about a child whose father is abusive and the challenges he faces to avoid turning into the same kind of abuser his father was as he grows up.

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"The song INHERITED is a story about domestic violence, subjection and all the evil shit that can happen when you grow up in a fucked up environment; stuff that scars you for life. The really sad part of this is that it can mold you to treat other people the way you were treated, and you might not even notice it. We all have our ghosts and it takes a shit load of time and effort to learn that it's not our fault. We don't have to be a shadow of our memory, repeating the mistakes of our fathers or mothers. We are NOT what we've been told! Unfortunately the dialogue-based story of the song reflects the reality, and like it is usually in real life, the story doesn't end up well." -Antti Karhu

Taking real action to help children who come from troubled backgrounds, Post Pulse has decided to donate all proceeds made through their official bandcamp page for this track until the end of January 2020.

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Inherited Lyric Video:

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"Post Pulse gives our music away for free because we want to share our art with the world. After we wrote Inherited and understood the impact of the lyrics, we thought it would be a nice contribution to society if we were to accept donations for the track and pass those gifts along to an organization that helps children who come from circumstances like those in our story. We hope that if you have the means to do so that you will help us make the world a little better than it was yesterday by making a donation." -Sam Roon

Post Pulse has released 5 new tracks in 2019. You can find them all on your favorite streaming services or enjoy videos of them on the band's YouTube channel.

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