POST-COITAL SILENCE: Promotion of the new demo album called "Paraphernalia"

Post - Coital Silence is a band from Zagreb, Croatia. Their sound is intense , […]
January 26, 2014

Post - Coital Silence is a band from Zagreb, Croatia. Their sound is intense , but above all, an unusual mix of metal and rock , with a kind of pop spicy flair. With female vocals at the helm, the band takes the audience on a journey through personal stories, dark tunnels of consciousness and through occasional moments when it seems that there is still a light at the end.

The band exists since 2011, and has done many gigs all over Croatia, composed and recorded 10 original songs that can be listened to on their first demo album entitled " Paraphernalia ". Album name has multiple meanings, the oldest dating back to 1651, and is related to a part of old family law.
All songs are recorded live in studio, which is nowadays almost extinct recording technique, but the band chose this option for several reasons. The most important thing was to create a good vibe and energy, and try to catch it in their recordings to distance themselves from synthetic sound specific to many modern metal bands.

The album includes 10 songs and one psychedelic cover song from 60's.

This is how the playlist looks like:
1. Getaway the Labyrinth
2. Human Reflection
3. Lamentation
4. Blind Escape
5. Abdicate for the Kill
6. Beauty of Miss End
7. Nothing to the Core
8. No Time to Survive
9. Twisted Circle
10. Forgotten Song
White Rabbit 's Fear of Loathing

The album can be streamed and downloaded for free via ReverbNation. Here's the link :

Post - Coital Silence can literally be translated as "after sex silence". That moment before two bodies speak to each other can be fabulous, happy, sad, relaxed, intense or enjoyed with tenderness, cigarettes or vine. There are many options, like the feelings in people. So it is in music. Everything has already been made up, played and done. Extreme became even more extreme and every subculture that dominated 90's today has many subgenres. This band is successfully balancing on the thin line that separates today's underground and mainstream music. By combining musical tastes of their members, band was able to create something new, a musical style which they like to call AlterPOP/Metal. Therefore, it is not a surprise when their melodious chorus is dissected by killer riffs and torn apart with double kicks in their songs.

"The idea is to play what we all love, and it is something that we all agreed upon as a band. Our roots include a wide range of music, so it is difficult to say exactly which genre we're playing, who we remind of, it is difficult to determine the boundaries of music. We prefer to break the boundaries in our own way."

The band can be followed and contacted here:

And on the band's official site:

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