PLANISTRY: New album "Confucktion" released

It's been a while since Planistry released their first album "ThREELESS". Soon after the first […]
September 20, 2019

It's been a while since Planistry released their first album "ThREELESS".

Soon after the first album was completed they began to work on new material. There were also lots of things going on, like moving to Helsinki, and finding valuable contacts to get the band to the next level. They also had to make a few lineup changes during the album process.

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Versatile in its music and themes, the album deals with issues such as climate change, overpopulation, interfaith conflicts and the fight against cancer. Although the album deals with such heavy themes, the overall spirit and message of the album is positive. The album concept is also associated with a tragedy in early 2000s, when songwriter Tarmo Tikkinen's otherwise idyllic hometown Parikkala was shadowed by frequent suicides among young adults. "Confucktion" and its songs are dedicated to all those who lost their lives in such senseless acts of youth.

Planistry - Confucktion

01. The Riddle
02. Two Words
03. Guilty Ones
04. Worth To Take
05. Man on the Moon
06. Open Road
07. On and Off
08. Calm Down
09. Totem Heads
10. On the Way
11. The Real Deal

To mention some of the special guests on this album:
Serge Meijerink (Intro speech), Arto Lappalainen (Steel Guitar) and William Suvanne (Saxophone).

Planistry is also well-known for their comprehensive live shows.
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Arrangement: Planistry
Produced by Tarmo Tikkinen
Recorded at Crane Studio by Onni Lappalainen
Mixed by Onni Lappalainen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers

Inverse Records
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