PHIL TAYLOR: The Man Behind Rock Solid Talent Entertainment.

Phil Taylor is a British/American international Artist and Band Manager. He is known for his […]
November 10, 2021

Phil Taylor is a British/American international Artist and Band Manager. He is known for his A&R skills and the development of world renowned recording artists, musicians & producers. Phil is also the Co-Founder/CEO/Owner of the prestigious British rock record label, Rock Solid Talent Entertainment international Artist and Band Manager.

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment is a fast-growing entertainment company specializing in Management, Development, Promotion, Marketing, Recording, Production, Collaborations, Brand Endorsements, Distributor & representing musical Artists, Bands internationally. Phil likes to help, he has helped many artists & bands throughout his career. Many bands owe their gratitude to Phil & he receives it in abundance! You just have to take a look on Facebook to see the bands & artist who Phil has signed up through Rock Solid Talent Entertainment showing their appreciation to him & his label. Rock Solid Talent entertainment has been a driving force in the forefront of music in general, however it's fair to say however, that's its biggest impact has been on the front of the Heavy Metal scene.

In Early May 2021 Phil set up an interview with Metal Temple magazine's Co-Editor In Chief JoJo Hamilton with Big Chris Flores who produces for Slash. This interview revealed an exiting news leak on a secret collaboration between Slash & the late Chester Bennington. This interview was published on May 13[sup]th[/sup] 2021 & was the first media leak to hit the scene on a subject close to millions of people's hearts due to Chester's passing away by suicide not to mention his own impact on the Metal scene itself. This news soon went viral & the fans who heard the news of this secret collaboration felt waves of emotion deep within their hearts with both happiness about the song Crazy & at the same time feeling sad knowing the song will never be performed live due to the passing of Chester. Rock Solid Talent Entertainment & Phil himself have shown a lasting impact the music scene which shows no pace in slowing down. In 2021 paired up with Sony & AMG. The news of this collaboration itself shot up all over the web from official websites to social media sites such as Facebook.

When he's not working hard Phil likes to spend time with his dog taking it for walk & spending time with family & friends. It has come to show he is the hard working man behind the face of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. Phil has been a steady face in music management for some time now beginning Rock Solid Talent Entertainment began in January 2014 & has been an ever growing presence since. Offering services such as band management, Development, Production, Distribution, Arranging collaborations between artists & bands, band endorsements, press releases, radio & magazine interviews. Phil is also in the membership club of the Guinness Book Of Records after the sponsorship of the Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc upon winning on February 15[sup]th[/sup] 2020. He is a man of many talents. When it comes to music Phil shows his passion in abundance. This has been shown through all the hard work he puts into the bands & artists who come to him & Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. He has managed some amazing bands & artists such as Jimmy B & The Death Rattles, Miss Bang Bang & many others.

Since its inception, Rock Solid Talent Entertainment has been there for many aspiring artists & bands helping them gain growth & recognition. This has been a of great help to gain a bigger fan base for those involved. The company is ever evolving & continually growing. Phil is continuing to expand Rock Solid Talent Entertainment by taking on new bands and artists and offering the services he does. Bands & artists come to him on a regular basis seeking help, advice & management. He's a big name in the business & with the partnership with AMG & Sony this year his name has gained even more popularity. He has done a lot of work with magazines especially with the online Heavy Metal magazine Metal Temple. The magazine has worked with Phil since the beginning & continues to work with him tod this day. The magazine was happy to help Phil when he began his career when the bigger magazines would not & in return Phil has given Metal Temple magazine opportunities to be the first on the breaking stories & interviews opportunities such as the Slash & Chester Bennington song Crazy media leak.

Article written byJoJo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton

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