PAUL DI'ANNO: Israeli ex-IRON MAIDEN tribute band PROWLERS to serve as the legendary vocalist's group at the upcoming local show, show was pushed to a new date at a different venue

Progstage Productionsannounced that for the upcoming show of ex-IRON MAIDEN's vocalist,Paul Di'Anno, the Israeli bandPROWLERSwill […]
October 18, 2014

Progstage Productionsannounced that for the upcoming show of ex-IRON MAIDEN's vocalist,Paul Di'Anno, the Israeli bandPROWLERSwill be serving as the legendary vocalist's band throughout his setlist. In the past the band has been known to be quite a tribute act, playing classicIRON MAIDENsongs to the letter.

Furthermore, due to a higher rate of ticket sales for the upcoming show, it was decided byProgstage ProductionsandDi'Anno's management to shift the upcoming show to a new date, 12.12.2014, and to much bigger venue in the image of Reading 3. It is evident that this secondPaul Di'Annovisit in Israel is expected to be even a bigger show in comparison to his earlier performance a decade ago.

Progstage Productionsstated: "For those who are less familiar (at least for some of you out there),Di'Anno, who appeared twice in Israel in 2004, exactly 10 years ago, for two unforgettable shows,was the lead vocalist for the first two albums ofIRON MAIDEN,"Iron Maiden"and"Killers"and the one who whose voice immediately identified with timeless songs such as"Killers","Running Free","Charlotte The Harlot", "Warthchild","Murders In The Rue Morgue", and others. After departing fromMAIDEN,Di'Annowent on an extensive career within the British Metal scene with bands such asKILLERS,BATTLEZONE, andPRAYING MANTIS. Altogether, along the fairly busy bee road, he was able to conjure up several solo albums under his own name.

Di'Annohails to Israelin the framework of his world tour that will be devoted entirely toIRON MAIDEN's early songs in which his best of performances will be released under a new official DVD following the name of"The Beast Arise"."

As was stated byProgstage, Every Metalhead knows whoDi'Annois, and if not, so at least one knows the nameIRON MAIDEN. Before he was fired from the band,Di'Annoformed himself a sort of an iconic statusand continued to other projects. Even so they were at the start, before "Number Of The Beast"and"Powerslave", the albums that he was featured in contain a few ofIRON MAIDEN's first greatest hits that have been accompanying the band nowadays.

Sinking into the British venture, postIRON MAIDEN,Di'Annostarted his self-titled band,DI'ANNO. In 1984, the bandreleased the self-titled debut, a sort of a Glam Rock / AOR album along with various of famous covers. However, that part ofDi'Anno's career has always remained a sort of an enigma as these solo efforts just came and went.Already in 1985DI'ANNOformedBATTLEZONE. The band managed to reach a little success with four by the book traditional Heavy Metal albums until the end of the eighties, when it was decided on the dissolution of the band. The band made a comeback in the late 90's but that didn't last long either.

In the late 80's,Di'Annoformed one of his most familiar bands,KILLERS.KILLERSmadeDi'Anno's change of scenery between the UK and the US. Starting from a recorded South American tour that also featured peak members of the NWOBHM scene in the UK, and then towards studio albums that introduce a rougher edge of traditional Metal along with the 90's sense of American groove,KILLERSintroduced, at least on its last moments in the mid 90's, a different side ofDi'Anno's nature.

After all of those projects,Di'Annofinally released his first album, under the title ofPaul Di'Anno, as a solo artist,"The World's First Iron Man", which included some covers and came out in 1997 and afterwards there were also a few releases under his name.

Nowadays,Di'Annocontinues to be a solo artist and performing his greatest hits in live shows, and especially hisIRON MAIDENera songs. In the meantime, he is also working on a brand new album with a brand new band that calledARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ.

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Back in 2004,Di'Annopreformed in Israel for the first time inHeavy Metal Monsters Festivalin Tel Aviv and Haifa, alongside local Hard N' Heavy bandsCROSSFIREandLOUD N' CLEAR. His both shows brought about a thousand people that came and enjoyedDi'Anno's endless jokes and a lot of his greatest hits.

This year,December 2014,a decadeafterHeavy Metal Monsters Festival,Paul Di'Annoand all of his experiment in the last 20 years returns to Israel with all the power. So if you are fans ofKILLERS,BATTLEZONE,IRON MAIDEN, orDi'Annohimself, this is a show for you guys. So don't say later that we haven't said so, the legendaryPaul Di'Annois back.


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