PATH OF DESTINY: First Track From "Dreams In Splendid Black" Online

First track from "Dreams In Splendid Black" online their debut "Rise And Fall" and the […]
February 23, 2016

First track from "Dreams In Splendid Black" online their debut "Rise And Fall" and the following EP "Parasite God" put Path Of Destiny on the radar of melodic death metal fans. With their third output they are ready for their most ambitious adventure so far: "Dreams In Splendid Black".

On their concept album the Germans plays with the imagination of the listeners, flirt with symphonic and progressive elements and fortify that they are stronger songwriters than ever.


The new album „Dreams In Splendid Black" will be released on April 1st 2016 via Apostasy Records. Today, the German five-piece unveils a small taste of their forthcoming record: "The Fire-Lit Shadow".

"Dreams In Splendid Black" Tracklist:

01. The Awakening
02. Invocation
03. Embers
04. Reign Of The Ravenous
05. The Fire-Lit Shadow (The Shadow I Am)
06. Dreams In Splendid Black
07. Two Steps To Eternity
08. Within The Void
09. I, Ascending From Ashes
10. Age Of Conquest
11. Death's Dominion

Welcome to the land of dreams where the forces of the underworld evoke a sinister future and where the boundaries between reality and mythology are about to burst.

While other bands put out albums in mass-production, melodic death metal outfit Path Of Destiny take their time to write new music. After their debut "Rise & Fall" in 2010, they worked out their complex concept album "Dreams In Splendid Black" with all its details and took only a short break to release their EP "Parasite God".

To make sure that the album's sound fit the clear vision of the five Germans, the recordings took place at FF-Music-Studio (Piesau, Germany) and Unholy Studio (Jena, Germany) at the same time while the mixing and mastering was done by Jaro Celujko in his studio Jaro Sound in Stockholm (Sweden). The result is a crystal-clear album-sound that does justice to the band's versatile influences and is made round by the multisided artwork of Robert Büschel (Universe Design).

"Dreams In Splendid Black" distinguishes itself through its two different kinds of narration. While the first part tells stories about dark powers and demons, the second part deals with an alchemist that seeks for eternity between life and death. Are you ready for this trip?

Apostasy Records
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