OZRIC TENTACLES: To release new double album "Technicians of the Sacred" next month on Madfish

British psychedelic rock instrumentalist, Ozric Tentacles, has announced an all-new double CD and vinyl album […]
April 15, 2015

British psychedelic rock instrumentalist, Ozric Tentacles, has announced an all-new double CD and vinyl album set, Technicians of the Sacred, to be released via Madfish on May 26 in North America (May 11 in U.K. & RoW / May 22 in Germany / May 25 in France).

"T.O.T.S." will be the first Ozric Tentacles double album since the classic Erpland over 20 years ago. Technicians of the Sacred is a superb sojourn to the world of Ozrics. Richly layered, evocatively ambient, and ethereal musical landscapes, seamlessly morphing through beatific freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves, and psychedelic progressive rock, create a heady, kaleidoscopic mixture of tones and textures.

The aesthetics of the album are heavily themed in Mayan Astrology. Technicians of the Sacred is a characteristic trait of the "tone" in each member's "dreamspell" (Mayan astrological symbol). "Many years ago in a tent just prior to performing at Glastonbury Festival, we were given our Mayan Astrology reading," says the Ozrics, Ed Wynne, smiling as usual. "The man doing the readings was getting more and more excited the further he went, he said he was going to tell us something that would change our lives forever. He proceeded to reveal that we are actually Galactic Activation Portals sent to channel messages of love to the world. Upon hearing this statement we questioned: 'Now that we know this, should we be doing something different with our lives?' He paused for a moment, then laughed, and as the crowd roared said, 'Hurry up then, the audience is waiting to hear you!'"

In support of this epic 90-plus minute offering, Ozric Tentacles will kick off its tour dates through Europe and the U.K. on April 25, with its first performance in Warsaw. Another first on the tour will be Belgrade, Serbia. The tour will continue through May, before arriving stateside in June for a run of festivals and club performances. A full list of tour dates can be seen below.


1. The High Pass [08:23]
2. Butterfly Garden [05:04]
3. Far Memory [07:10]
4. Changa Masala[06:04]
5. Zingbong [08:26]
6. Switchback [10:11]


1. Epiphlioy [11:49]
2. The Unusual Village [06:20]
3. Smiling Potion [07:12]
4. Rubbing Shoulders with the Absolute [08:36]
5. Zenlike Creature [09:54]

For over 30 years, Ozric Tentacles has pursued its defiantly independent, free-thinking and fundamentally groovy path through contemporary music. The group was the rock band that joyously united the free festival crowd and the rave scene back in the late '80s and early '90s, and through successive passing trends and the abatement of the mainstream music business, has fearlessly let its freak flag fly, shrugged off the urge to compromise and stuck to its core values. Consequently, the result is pure music, made for love and joy, and the ecstatic reward that comes from habitually pushing its boundaries to create beauty to the limit of current human capabilities. The aim is not just to make truly unique and culturally diverse music, but also to harmoniously unite all in attendance, and create portals for astral travel. Many fans and listeners report feelings of euphoria, an immediate connection to nature as well as others around them, and intense feelings that they have journeyed to other dimensions or met with other-worldly beings. It's an open exploration of music and the soul.

Stay tuned for more information on Ozric Tentacles and Technicians of the Sacred, out next month on Madfish.

Ozric Tentacles tour dates...

4/25 - Poland Warsaw, Serotonina @ Progresja
4/28 - Czech Republic, Prague 7 @ Cross Club
4/29 - Hungary, Budapest @ Akvarium Klub
4/30 - Serbia, Belgrade @ Club Drugstore
5/01 - Croatia, Zagreb @ Mochvara
5/02 - Slovenia, Kranj @ Trainstation Squat
5/03 - Italy, Pordenone @ Il Deposito Giordani
5/05 - Italy, Rome @ Planet Live Club
5/06 - Italy, Bologna @ Locomotiv Club
5/07 - Netherlands, Arnhem @ Luxor Live
5/08 - Netherlands, Leeuwarden @ Romein
5/09 - Netherlands, Alkmaar @ Podium Victorie
5/12 - UK, London @ O2 Islington Academy
5/13 - UK, Southampton @ Talking Heads
5/15 - UK, Bristol @ Bierkeller
5/16 - UK, Norwich @ The Waterfront
5/17 - UK, Glasgow @ O2 ABC 2
5/18 - UK, Newcastle @ O2 Academy
5/19 - UK, Liverpool @ O2 Academy
5/20 - UK, Birmingham @ O2 Academy 2
5/22 - UK, Manchester @ Manchester Club Academy
5/24 - UK, Oxford @ O2 Academy 2
5/29 - USA, Black River Falls, WI @ Infrasound Festival (www.infrasoundfestival.com)
5/30 - USA, Black River Falls, WI @ Infrasound Festival (www.infrasoundfestival.com)
6/04 - USA, Glouster, OH @ Family Roots Festival (www.familyroots.com)
6/05 - USA, Glouster, OH @ Family Roots Festival (www.familyroots.com)
6/13 - USA, Philadelphia, PA @ Ardmore Music Hall (www.ardmoremusic.com)
6/14 - USA, New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom (www.highlineballroom.com)

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