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KAOTOXIN is very proud to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with France's Dark […]
February 18, 2015

KAOTOXIN is very proud to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with France's Dark Extreme Metal horde OTARGOS.
Continuing the new chapter started with "Apex Terror" (2013's fifth full-length) that saw the band evolve from their original Black Metal roots towards a colder and darker mix of Industrial coldness and Blackened Death Metal brutality, the new album, that'll mark the band's 15th anniversary, the new and sixth full-length will be released this fall through Kaotoxin.
OTARGOS is a well-known road machine having toured Europe and South America with the likes of Watain, Dark Funeral, Anaal Nathrakh, Deströyer 666 and many more and, as such, already have quite a few gigs and festival appearances confirmed, among which UK's Incineration Fest with label-mates SIDIOUS and France's Chaulnes Metal Fest with label-mates AD PATRES:
Feb.13 ' BE ' Fontaine l'Évêque
Feb.14 ' FR ' Douai
Mar.20 ' FR ' Chambéry
Mar.21 ' CH ' Thonex
Apr.3/4 ' FR ' Chaulnes ' Chaulnes Metal Fest
May.9 ' UK ' London ' Incineration Fest
Jun.27 ' ES ' Molins de Rei ' Move Your Fucking Brain Fest
Urich Wegrich Dagoth ' guitars & vocals
Hindrik A.S. ' guitars
M. Pliszke- bass
John A : Drums
2015 ' TBA
2013 ' "Apex Terror"
2011 ' "Heretic Live" (live)
2010 ' "No God, no Satan"
2009 ' "Fuck God-Disease Process"
2007 ' "Kinetic Zero"
2006 ' "Spawn from the Abyss" (compilation)
2005 ' "Ten-Eyed Nemesis"
2004 ' "Codex 666: infernal Legions Strike" (EP)
Official Website: Otargos-terror.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/OTARGOSband
Twitter: Twitter.com/otargosterror

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