OSADA VIDA: New Album Again With Metal Mind Productions

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the fifth full-length album by […]
July 14, 2014

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the fifth full-length album by Osada Vida, one of the most interesting Polish bands on the prog-rock/metal scene. Their new, yet untitled material will be released in Autumn 2014.

Łukasz Lisiak, the band's bass guitarist comments the extension of the recording contract:
"And so it happened again! After several months of talks, negotiations, and reflecting on all pros and cons, we've come to a mutual agreement to release the new, fifth album by Osada Vida again via Metal Mind Productions, which we're very happy about, also because of our mutual sympathy."

Łukasz reveals also the current mood in the band and the schedule of work in the recording studio:
"Personally, I can't wait to record the new album at the studio and, later on, to hear it in its final form. As you already know, the new album is being created by a modified and refreshed line-up. Just how much modified, we'll probably reveal pretty soon. One thing is certain: all the changes Osada Vida's undergone lately gave us new energy, enthusiasm and a drive to create new music. For now, let me state, somewhat enigmatically, that the new Osada Vida exists, creates, and is quite well ' only our average age decreased, while our average height increased :-). Music-wise, the new songs constitute a harmonious combination of our distinctive style with what we presented on the 'Particles' album. So there's going to be a lot of energy, melodies you can sing along to at concerts, but also long guitar and key solos, as well as complex and stirring passages. As it comes to the recording schedule, we're starting in early August and we'd like to present to our audience the finished album in October, 2014. We're very happy that soon we'll be able to present our new tunes to the world. As is always the case with Osada Vida, the joy of playing, open-mindedness and the willingness to share our music are the most important to us. That's why we're counting on the positive feedback from our Listeners and on their numerous attendance during our shows, which we're planning for the Autumn this year."

Metal Mind Productions
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