ORDER OF CHAOS: Release Live Video Clip

Order of Chaos proudly presents the live video clip for " Fail me not ", […]
September 2, 2014

Order of Chaos proudly presents the live video clip for " Fail me not ", a track taken from the just released new album " Deadweight Undertow ".

Evan (guitar) Mat Rizzo (Drums) and Terry V (Bass- Vocals) are captured here performing the song live at their Album Launch at The Reverence hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

Live sound and mixing / mastering courtesy of Dav Byrne - Iridium Audio.

Order of Chaos is a three piece veteran metal group from Melbourne, Australia featuring former members of King Parrot, Damaged, Blood Duster and Earth.

"Deadweight Undertow " is a mixture of the bands roots in Death metal with there mid era metallic hardcore smarts and new found punk undertones.

Recorded Live in two days at Jam Hut studio with guitar and vocal overdubs later on, the album was mixed and mastered by Jason P.C at his Goat sound Studio in Melbourne, Australia. Deadweight Undertow will saw the light of day online through Third Verse on July 21, 2014 .

" It's easy to like these songs as the emphasis is on ripping the listener's face off before they even know what's happened, Songs for the moshpit "

terry vainoras
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