ORAKLE: Reveals trailer of upcoming album

French extreme metallers ORAKLE have uploaded a trailer of their upcoming album, "Éclats", to be […]
February 26, 2015

French extreme metallers ORAKLE have uploaded a trailer of their upcoming album, "Éclats", to be released on May 11th via Apathia Records.

Orakle - "Éclats" Trailer (2015, Apathia Records)

Preorders (CDs, Tshirts, Exclusive Bundles) are available here:

Earlier this month, ORAKLE revealed the cover artwork of "Éclats", based around the sculptures of Robert Le Lagadec (1927-2002).

Multidisciplinary and singular artist if any, he had erected especially for nearly 30 years of towering steel statues : worrying demigods, giants with torn body, idols with raised sexes ' as he said himself "an artistic cult dedicated to primal forces".

Structures are still visible in the "Champs des divinités païennes" at Fontenay-les-Briis, near Paris, France.

You can watch a french documentary about Robert Le Lagadec's works on DailyMotion.

In January, Orakle uploaded a two-part making of "Éclats", watch them below.
Orakle - Making of "Éclats" - Part II (2015, Apathia Records)
Orakle - Making of "Éclats" - Part I (2015, Apathia Records)

Seven years has passed since the band's last opus, 2008's "Tourments & Perdition". Seven years that has allowed the band to build a very personal and audacious album, where black metal from the beginning merges with a more experimental and dissonant metal (Opeth, Enslaved, Leprous, Hail Spirit Noir...), and some prog rock influences, with french-only lyrics.

"Éclats" will be released on May 11th on Apathia Records.

Preorders available now: https://shop.apathiarecords.com/en/bands/100_orakle

ORAKLE Online:

Jehan Fillat
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