OPHIS: Signs with Cyclone Empire

We are completely proud to announce the signing of mighty OPHIS! Hailing from Hamburg , […]
March 13, 2014

We are completely proud to announce the signing of mighty OPHIS!

Hailing from Hamburg , OPHIS are one of the finest, most extreme and most promising Doom bands in Germany and abroad! We are very happy to welcome this cult band and their dark, heavy, brute, grim, yet beautiful (Funeral-)Doom/Death from the bowels of rotting dinosaurs (like the band would call it J) in our little CYCLONE EMPIRE family!

Last year OPHIS already released the double-CD re-release compilation package 'Effigies Of Desolation' via CYCLONE EMPIRE! Their next full length will be recorded while you read this and a release date is planned for late summer/early fall 2014! Fans of SKEPTICISM, EVOKEN, PANTHEIST early ANATHEMA or AHAB should be prepared for something BIG!!!

OPHIS [greek: serpent] was founded in the German harbour city of Hamburg in late 2001, as an outlet for its members very own darker sides: an abyssic immersion of slow monolithic Doom Metal and raw, nihilistic and staggering old school Death Metal.

The band steadily became a solid institution among Doom-fans worldwide, collecting a loyal following by constantly playing live all over Europe . After the release of their debut album "Stream of Misery" in 2007, OPHIS toured with Pantheist and Skepticism. Their sophomore record "Withered Shades" (2010) was praised by the press as one of the best Death/Doom records of the past decade and even won the 2nd place in Metalstorm's "best extreme Doom album award", and followed by a tour alongside Ahab and Esoteric.

Recently, Cyclone Empire re-released the debut album and the first EP as a compilation entitled "Effigies of Desolation", which was accompanied by yet another European tour, this time with Evoken.

OPHIS is musically rooted in the early 90s, yet NOT a retro band, as they push their musical progress onward with every release. This tension grants OPHIS their own niche in a scene dominated by trends, which the band always refused to follow. Lyrically OPHIS are – unusual for a Doom band – observers of society, sometimes even with political undertones. But also personal lyrics dealing with the inner struggles of the members can be found.

OPHIS are:
Phil - guitar, vocals
Martin - guitar
Olly - bass
Nils - drums

Statement by the band:
"After we already worked with Cyclone Empire with our latest release, the "Effigies of Desolation" compilation, we decided to stick to this label. We had offers from several other companies, and pretty good ones, too. We were also satisfied with the label we had before. So you see: they did something very right!!
We are as happy as a Doom band can be to release our upcoming album "ABHORRENCE IN OPULENCE" on Cyclone Empire, because they have the modus operandi of big, professional companies, and at the same time the ethics of devoted underground labels. And that's exactly what we need. Cheers on a great cooperation!"

2002: Empty, Silent And Cold - Demo-CD
2004: Nostrae Mortis Signaculum - MCD
2007: Stream Of Misery - CD
2008: Empty, Silent And Cold - MC Re-Release
2010: Withered Shades - CD
2012: Immersed - Split w/Officium Triste - 7"
2013: Effigies Of Desolation - DCD


Cyclone Empire
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