OPERADYSE: release trailer for new album "Pandemonium"

OPERADYSE - the new french symphonic power metal band from Montpellier in Southern France - […]
By Zarto
October 14, 2013

OPERADYSE - the new french symphonic power metal band from Montpellier in Southern France - are releasing a trailer for their first album "Pandemonium":

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The band's origin goes back to 2006 when guitarist Damien Marco, the mastermind behind OPERADYSE, formed this six-member unit with the help of his friends Bastien Sable (keyboards) and Jennifer Lassalle (vocalist) and three more members.

Their first EP "Hope Era Dies" was released in 2009 after the band successfully proved it's talent by winning the Rock Competion "Duels Rock". After some membership changes the band found it's current line-up shortly after the EP release with Emmanuel Colombier (Drums) and Stephane Lambert (Bass) .Singer Franck Garcia , who is also involved in french band SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE, finally joined in after the original female vocalist Jennifer left the band , for personal reasons.

Strongly influenced by European Metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Rhapsody, the band added their own blend of melodic Powermetal .The debut album PANDEMONIUM was recorded in late 2012 at DRAUDENHAUS Studio in Nantes/France and shows a strong atmospheric touch wrapped around a pounding rythm, driving guitars , oszillating keyboards with the clear and very powerful voice of Franck Garcia giving the band's style it's typical expression.

Damien Marco: Guitars
Bastien Sable: Drums
Emmanuel Colombier: Drums
Stephane Lambert: Bass
Franck Garcia: Vocals

The band's debut album "PANDEMONIUM" is scheduled for release through the
joint-venture Sonic Attack/SPV in Europe on November 25th 2013 (Germany November 22nd, USA / Canada January 21st)

1.Rise 1:41
2.Celestial Sword 4:57
3.Unfold Legend 4:02
4.Keeper of the Flame 3:36
5.The Path 5:51
6.Fairies Secret Garden 5:06
7.Arkanya 4:54
8.Pandemonium 6:21
9.Nevermore 6:04
10.Frozen 2:57

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