OLD LADY DRIVERS & NECROSIS: To Release Vinyl Reissues Via Hammerheart Records

Hammerheart Records announces deluxe re-issue on O.L.D.'s "Old Lady Drivers" on CD and LP, one […]
April 7, 2016

Hammerheart Records announces deluxe re-issue on O.L.D.'s "Old Lady Drivers" on CD and LP, one of Grindcore's most legendary albums!

One of Grindcore's most legendary recordings will be unearthed, re-worked and presented in a way never heard before. After reaching an agreement this Autumn we are proud the re-issue the only Earache Records never before released on CD in it best/true form.

Originally released as Mosh 7 on Earache Records in 1988 "Old Lady Drivers" by O.L.D. is the last of the Mohicans when it comes to Classic Grindcore from the golden era of Grindcore/Death Metal. As James Plotkin (guitar/vocals) told Hammerheart Records the LP was released with a wrong mix by Earache by mistake...

James Plotkin became known as a producer and influential artist after his O.L.D. days and the re-issue will feature the recordings in the mix originally intented, spiced up with today's technology and features the album plus the "Total Hag" demo 1989 and the "Promo Demo 1990" (later used as a split 7" with Assück) as bonus tracks.

All recordings will be featured in the best audio possible and we will make both the vinyl edition and CD edition a collectable deluxe edition full of lyrics, photos and flyers.

Expected Autumn 2016, we will keep you up to date!

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce an absolute killer re-issue on deluxe CD and LP for the Chilean band Necrosis.

The re-issue will include the classic "The Search" album from 1988 and the absolute legendary "Kingdom of Hate" demo from 1987! Maybe the "Kingdom of Hate" is strongest Thrash demo ever to come from South America!

We dare say that Necrosis was at the same level of Pentagram (Chile) and Sepultura's "Schizophrenia" era at the 2nd half of the 80's, but one also hears Exodus, Slayer, Excel and old Corrosion Of Conformity.

Absolute essential for fans of top Thrash Metal and South American cult alike. It remains a mystery why Combat, Metal Blade or Roadrunner did not dare to sign Necrosis.

The deluxe 2-CD edition will include more bonus material, the LP re-issue will be the album and the demo. Top notch packaging and audio of course! We expect the release at the end of 2016.

Hammerheart Records
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