OHMWORK: To Release New Single Ahead of New Album.

At last, Ohmwork are back with new music - 'Sleep Killing'! Ohmwork are back with […]
August 5, 2019

At last, Ohmwork are back with new music - 'Sleep Killing'!

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Ohmwork are back with a fierce track titled 'Sleep Killing' coming out 16 Aug! A spooky tale of what could happen to anyone of us in their sleep.. The music is heavy with great riffing and thunderous drumming! This is another step up the metal latter from the great power trio from Norway.

Ohmwork release their fourth album HorrorWorks on Friday the 13th of September. A concept album consisting of eight horror stories. You have maybe heard of Amityville, Typhiod Mary or the serial killer known as the 'Phantom Killer'? Dig in and find out more!

'Sleep Killing' and HorrorWorks will be out on Rob Mules Records.

Ohmwork got great reviews on their previous album Alyssa Drone 'back in 2017. The majority of critics hailed it as Ohmwork's best to date, and one of the best metal releases from Norway that year.

Band: Ohmwork
Release: Sleep Killing
Date: 16 Aug 2019
Label: Rob Mules Records
Cat no: RMR021
Distribution: Orchard
Format: digital

Music by Ohmwork
Words by Anders L. Rasmussen
Produced by Ohmwork og Yngvar Mehus
Recorded at Lydproduksjon
Mixed and mastered by Yngvar Mehus

Ohmwork are:

Anders L. Rasmussen - vocals and guitars
Helge Nyrud - bass
Børge Bendiksen - drums

Coverart by Vegard Laupstad
Band photo Kenneth Augdal


Rob Mules Records
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